Dear Regular Members of AAPPS-DPP

 Thank you for your great contribution to AAPPS-DPP operation.
 On the final day of the  AAPPS-DPP 2020 Conference, October 31st , the Meeting of
 AAPPS-DPP General Assembly is scheduled by ZOOM meeting from 17:00 .

 Regular members can attend the General Assembly.
 The definition of General Assembly and Regular Members is set out in the
 Articles of Incorporation.
 Number of qualified people who can attend the General Assembly is about 540
 for this time.

  Document for the General Assembly, which includes proposals and reports,

 “Announcement of Third Regular General Assembly (Business year FY2021)”

 has been sent to all the regular member.
 However, there were a few spelling errors in this document.
 Here, we upload the revised document.
 Corrections are as follows;  Top Globe (error) ------> Top Glove  in pages 3, 4, and 13

 We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the support of the Top Glove
 Corporation Bhd.  Please replace the sent material with this New Material. 

                   17 October,2020

      Dr. Mitsuru Kikuchi
      Chairman and CEO, AAPPS-DPP