Program of Plasma Related Topics in APPC12
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D1-1: Plasma Physics (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: K.C. Lee
Room: 303
D1-1-I1 Advancement of MHD Physics Via 2D/3D ECE Imaging Diagnostics in KSTAR* (30 min.) Hyeon Park
D1-1-I2 Gyrokinetic Simulations of Kinetic-MHD Processes in Fusion Plasmas (30 min.) Zhihong Lin
D1-1-O1 High Power Ion Heating of Magnetic Reconnection in Tokamak Merging Experiments and Its MHD and Kinetic Interpretations (15 min.) Yasushi Ono
D1-1-O2 Topology Bifurcation of a Magnetic Flux Surface in Magnetized Plasmas (15 min.) Katsumi Ida
D1-1-O3 Dynamics of MHD Instabilities in a Low-Aspect-Ratio RFP (15 min.) Sadao Masamune
D1-1-O4 Modified Internal MHD Modes in the KSTAR Plasma Core Heated by Electron Cyclotron Waves (15 min.) Gunsu Yun


D1-2: Plasma Physics (2)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Guosheng Xu
Room: 303
D1-2-I1 Turbulence in Toroidal Plasma (30 min.) Akihide Fujisawa
D1-2-I2 Turbulence, Zonal Flow and Limit Cycle Oscillation on HL-2A Tokamak (30 min.) Jiaqi Dong
D1-2-O1 Observation of Turbulence Propagation at ELM Event and Transition Control Experiment in LHD (15 min.) Tokihiko Tokuzawa
D1-2-O2 Spontaneous Excitation of Geodesic Acoustic Mode by Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode (15 min.) Zhiyong Qiu
D1-2-O3 Multi-Scale Density Micro-Turbulence and Internal Kink Mode Measured Synchronously by Tangential CO2 Laser Scattering Diagnostic in the EAST Superconducting Tokamak (15 min.) Pengjun Sun
D1-2-O4 Dynamics of Nonlinear Interactions between Electron Temperature Gradient Mode and Drift Wave Mode in Linear Magnetized Plasmas (15 min.) Chanho Moon


D1-3: Plasma Physics (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Osamu Ishihara
Room: 303
D1-3-I1 Cooperative Micro-Motion and Structural Rearrangement of the Supercooled Dusty Plasma Liquid (30 min.) Lin I
D1-3-I2 Twisting Space-Time in Relativistic Plasma (30 min.) Zensho Yoshida
D1-3-O1 Current-Free Plasma Thruster Controlling Cross-Field Diffusion under a Magnetic Nozzle (15 min.) Kazunori Takahashi
D1-3-O2 Electrical Discharges in a Fluctuating Helium Fluid Near the Critical Point (15 min.) Hitoshi Muneoka
D1-3-O3 Plasma Acceleration Via Externally Exerted Oscillating Electromagnetic Fields: Basic Physics and Application to Electrodeless Electric Propulsion (15 min.) Takao Tanikawa
D1-3-O4 Shearing the Cold Dusty Plasma Liquid at Discrete Level (15 min.) Chi Yang


D1-4: Plasma Physics (4)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Akira Ando
Room: 304
D1-4-I1 Advanced MHD Models of Anisotropy, Flow and Chaotic Fields (30 min.) Matthew Hole
D1-4-I2 Global Multiscale Electrostatic Turbulence in Diverted Tokamak Geometry with Neutral Recycling in the XGC Gyrokinetic Code (30 min.) Seung-Hoe Ku
D1-4-O1 Effect of Energetic Ion on Spatial Distribution of Recombining Plasma (15 min.) Atsushi Okamoto
D1-4-O2 Nonlinear Competition among Zonal Flow, Flute Structure and Streamer in Resistive Drift Wave Turbulence in Cylindrical Magnetized Plasmas (15 min.) Makoto Sasaki
D1-4-O3 Dimensionless Analysis of High Temperature Plasma in Large Helical Device (15 min.) Haruhisa Nakano
D1-4-O4 Differential Dust Disk Rotation in a Complex Plasma with Magnetic Field (15 min.) Yoshifumi Saitou


D1-5: Plasma Physics (5)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Katsumi Ida
Room: 303
D1-5-I1 Ion Temperature Profile De-Stiffening Due to Conversion of Parallel Compression into Zonal Flows (30 min.) Sung Sik Kim
D1-5-I2 A New Long Pulse QH-mode Regime and Progress in Understanding the L-H Transition on East (30 min.) Guosheng Xu
D1-5-O1 Development and Physics Study of KSTAR (15 min.) Kwan Chul Lee
D1-5-O2 Experimental Investigation of L-I-H Transition Based on Gas Puff Imaging Diagnostic in EAST (15 min.) Linming Shao
D1-5-O3 Experimental Evidence of Critical Gradient Threshold for Particle Transport in the Tore Supra Tokamak (15 min.) Wulu Zhong
D1-5-O4 Experimental Study of Parallel Flow and Its Dependence of Magnetic Ripple in 3D Magnetic Field Configurations of Heliotron J (15 min.) Shinji Kobayashi


D2-1: Plasma Processing (1)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Ta-Chin Wei
Room: 303
D2-1-I1 Determination of Precursors for Silicon Surface Nitridation Using Inductively-Coupled Nitrogen Plasma (30 min.) Kazuaki Kurihara
D2-1-I2 Recent Progress on the Development of Paper-Based Microplasma Generation Devices (30 min.) Cheng-Che Hsu
D2-1-I3 Plasma Structure Control and New-Concept Plasma Process for Novel Nano-Bio Materials (30 min.) Toshiro Kaneko
D2-1-O1 Effects of RF Power and Working Pressure on the Properties of Nc-Si:H Thin Films Deposited by an ICP-CVD System (15 min.) Jang Hsing Hsieh
D2-1-O2 Self-Organized Formation of Hierarchically-Ordered Patterns in Laser-Activated Plasma CVD of sp3-Bonded BN Films (15 min.) Shojiro Komatsu


D2-2: Plasma Processing (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: Rod Boswell
Room: 303
D2-2-I1 Diagnostics, Modeling and Process Control on VHF PECVD of Microcrystalline Silicon (30 min.) Wei Ta-Chin
D2-2-I2 Simulated PECVD Growth of Carbon Nanotubes: State-Of-The-Art, Challenges and Perspectives (30 min.) Erik Neyts
D2-2-I3 Plasma Processing of Waste for Recovery of Metal Values (30 min.) Partha Sarathi Mukhejerjee
D2-2-O1 Synthesis and Characterization of Si-Ni Composites as Negative Electrode of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Plasma Spraying (15 min.) Gerile Naren
D2-2-O2 Effects of Hole Structure of a Bubble Self-Generating Parallel Type Punched Plate Electrodes on Pulsed Discharges Inside Water (15 min.) Sonia Muradia


D2-3: Plasma Processing (3)
17 July (Wed) 16:30
Session chair: Katsuhisa Kitano
Room: 303
D2-3-I1 Generation of Free Radicals in Liquid by Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas and Its Application to Biology and Medicine (30 min.) Satoshi Hamaguchi
D2-3-I2 Plasma Bullet: Multiple Bullets, Dragon-Like Shape and Segment Plume (30 min.) XinPei Lu
D2-3-O1 Plasma Treated Water with the Reduced pH Method for Effective Disinfection in Dental and Surgical Treatment (15 min.) Katsuhisa Kitano
D2-3-O2 Numerical Simulation of Electric Double Layer in Contact with Dielectric Barrier Discharge (15 min.) Tatsuru Shirafuji
D2-3-O3 Surface Modification of Polymers by Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) (15 min.) Deepak Prasad Subedi
D2-3-O4 Gas Barrier Properties of Silicon Oxide Films Prepared by PECVD Using OMCTS (C8H24O4Si4) Precursor and Hydrogen Gas (15 min.) Long Wen


D2-4: Plasma Processing (4)
18 July (Thu) 14:10
Session chair: Makoto Kambara
Room: 302
D2-4-I1 Charge-Enhanced Diffusion: Insight from the Deposition Behavior of Charged Nanoparticles (30 min.) Nong-Moon Hwang
D2-4-I2 Novel Surface Modification Techniques Based on Plasma Based Ion Incorporation (30 min.) Subroto Mukherjee
D2-4-I3 Plasma Ion Sources for Focused Ion Beam Surface Engineering (30 min.) Rod Boswell
D2-4-O1 Optimising Ion Production in Pulsed Refractory and Non-Refractory Cathodic Arcs (15 min.) Patrick Neumann
D2-4-O2 Sheet Plasma Configuration Suitable for Materials Processing (15 min.) Henry, J. Ramos


D3-1: High Intensity Laser Plasma Science (1)
15 July (Mon) 14:10
Session chair: Kazuo Tanaka
Room: 304
D3-1-I1 Relativistic Laser Self-Focusing in Overdense Plasmas for Fast Ignition (30 min.) Anle Lei
D3-1-I2 Giant Magnetic Fields Produced by Intense Laser Irradiation (30 min.) Ravindra Kumar Gattamraju
D3-1-I3 Laboratory Experiments to Study Astrophysical Collisionless Shocks (30 min.) Youichi Sakawa
D3-1-O1 Relativistic Vorticity Generation in High Intensity Laser Experiments (15 min.) Yohei Kawazura
D3-1-O2 Laser-Driven Proton Generation from a Thin-Foil Target with a High-Intensity Laser (15 min.) Akito Sagisaka


D3-2: High Intensity Laser Plasma Science (2)
16 July (Tue) 16:30
Session chair: T.Y. Tou
Room: 304
D3-2-I1 Exploring of Novel Extreme States with High Power Lasers and XFEL (30 min.) Ryosuke Kodama
D3-2-I2 Experimental Studies of Ion Charge Equilibrium in the Warm Dense Matter Regime Using Laser-Based Plasma (30 min.) Julien Fuchs
D3-2-O1 Multi-Stage Ion Acceleration in Laser Plasma Interaction (15 min.) Shigeo Kawata
D3-2-O2 Multiple Electron Beam Generation with Plasmon Resonance Field (15 min.) Yosuke Mishima
D3-2-O3 High Power Laser-Matter Interaction in Cluster Medium: Particle Acceleration, Radiation, High Pressure Material State (15 min.) Yasuaki Kishimoto
D3-2-O4 Plasma Characteristic of Pulsed Laser Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon (15 min.) Seong Shan Yap


D4-1: Astro- & Space Plasma (1)
15 July (Mon) 16:30
Session chair: Dongsu Ryu
Room: 304
D4-1-I1 Energy Storage and Release Processes in the Magnetosphere (30 min.) C. Z. Cheng
D4-1-I2 Acceleration of Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere (30 min.) Martin Lee
D4-1-O1 Wave-Particle Interaction Analyzer (WPIA) for Direct Measurements of Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interactions in the Earth's Magnetosphere (15 min.) Yuto Katoh
D4-1-O2 Explosive Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection: Reynolds Averaging Approach (15 min.) Katsuaki Higashimori
D4-1-O3 Electron Accelerations at High Mach Number Shocks: 2-D PIC Simulations in Various Parameter Regimes (15 min.) Yosuke Matsumoto
D4-1-O4 Kinetic Aspects of the Ion Current Layer in an Outflow Exhaust in Magnetic Reconnection (15 min.) Seiji Zenitani


D4-2: Astro- & Space Plasma (2)
16 July (Tue) 14:10
Session chair: Kazunari Shibata
Room: 304
D4-2-I1 Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei (30 min.) Geoffrey Bicknell
D4-2-I2 Highlights of Solar Observation Satellite Hinode (30 min.) Saku Tsuneta
D4-2-O1 MHD Simulations for Global Disks with Vertical Magnetic Fields (15 min.) Takeru Suzuki
D4-2-O2 Characteristics of Electrohydrodynamic Convection Driven Turbulence and Laboratory Simulation Project of the Solar Convection Zone (15 min.) Kenichi Nagaoka
D4-2-O3 Numerical Studies on the Magneto-Hydrodynamical Evolutions of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability (15 min.) Takayoshi Sano
D4-2-O4 Limit-Cycle Activities in a Tidal Disruption Event by a Supermassive Black Hole (15 min.) Tomohisa Kawashima


D4-3: Astro- & Space Plasma (3)
17 July (Wed) 14:10
Session chair: Ryoji Matsumoto
Room: 304
D4-3-I1 Particle Acceleration and Magnetic Reconnection during Magneto-Rotational Instability in Collisionless Accretion Disk (30 min.) Masahiro Hoshino
D4-3-I2 Magnetic Cycles and Flux Emergence in Solar and Stellar Dynamos (30 min.) Mark Miesch
D4-3-I3 3-D Global Hybrid Simulation of Plasma Processes in the Coupled Bow Shock-Magnetosphere System (30 min.) Yu Lin
D4-3-O1 Calculation of High-Resolution Solar Global Convection with the Reduced Speed of Sound Technique (15 min.) Hideyuki Hotta
D4-3-O2 Superluminal Waves at Pulsar Wind Termination Shocks (15 min.) Takanobu Amano


D10-1: Physics oriented Plasma joint session
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: Kunioki Mima
Room: 303
D10-1-I1 Mechanism of Sustained Ordered Structure in an Open System and a New Concept of Fusion Device Design (30 min.) Akira Hasegawa
D10-1-I2 Thermodynamical Forces in Plasma Phase Space That Controls Turbulence and Turbulent Transport (30 min.) Kimitaka Itoh
D10-1-I3 Summary Talk on Session D1: Plasma Science (30 min.) Abhijit Sen
D10-1-I4 Summary for Astro and Space Plasma Sessions (30 min.) Dongsu Ryu


D20-1: Application oriented Plasma joint session
18 July (Thu) 16:30
Session chair: E. Neyts
Room: 302
D20-1-I1 A New Approach to Gas Discharge Theory with Sheath Boundaries (30 min.) Francis F. Chen
D20-1-I2 Nanocarbon-Nanoscience Oriented Non-Equilibrium Plasma Control (30 min.) Rikizo Hatakeyama
D20-1-I3 New Era of Plasma Technplogy (30 min.) Hiroshi Fujiyama
D20-1-I4 Summary of D3 Session, High Intensity Laser Plasma Science (30 min.) Hideaki Takabe