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 Date Place  Meeting 
April 21-25, 2014  Hangzho, China   The 8th International West lake symposium 
May 13-15, 2014    Hefei, China  International Conference on Geometric Algorithms and Methods for Plasma Physics 
Conference Chairs : Hong Qin (USTC and IPP-CAS), 
Eric Sonnendruecker (Max-Planck-Institut for Plasma Physics and Technical Univ. of Munich)
May 18-23, 2014   Nara, Japan  5th International Conference on Plasma Medicine(ICPM5) 
June 10-13, 2014  Kasuga, Japan  4th Asia-Pacific Transport Working Group Meeting
   3rd Asia-Pacific Transport Working Group Meeting
2nd Asia-Pacific Transport Working Group Meeting

1st Asia-Pacific Transport Working Group Meeting
June 23-27, 2014 Singapore  The 8th Joint Meeting of Chinese Physists Worldwide 
July 1-4 , 2014  Jeju Island, Korea  The 12th Asia Pacific Plasma Theory Conference and Japan-Korea Workshop on
Modeling and Simulation of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas
The conference topics include theory, modeling, and simulations for magnetic fusion plasmas, space plasmas, laser-plasma interactions, and low-temperature plasmas as well as basic plasma phenomena. 
Jul 28 –Aug 1, 2014 Lanzhou, China  The 5th China-Japan-Korea Joint Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasma
Aug 31 - Sep 5 , 2014 Adelaide,
South Australia
12th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology (APCPST) and 
Symposium on Plasma Science for Materials (SPSM)
Sep 15-19, 2014 Lisboa, Portuga   International Congress on Plasma Physics, ICPP2014 
Sep 21-24, 2014  Beijing , China  2nd International Conference on High Energy Densuty Physics, ICHEDP2014  
Sep 22-24, 2014  Kathmandu, Nepal  International Conference on Plasma Science and Application
Oct 12-17, 2014  Goa, India ICUIL2014 : international Committee for Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers
Nov 18-21, 2014  Niigata, Japan  Plasma Conference 2014 
Dec 15-19, 2014  Daejeon, Korea  IAEA ™ on Atomic , Molecular and plasma-material interaction data for fusion science and technology 
Jan 15-17, 2015  Kolkata, India  Laser and Plasma Application in Material Science (LAPAMS 2015)
Feb 22-26, 2015  Munster, Germany   EWCPS2015 : European winter conference on plasma spectroscopy 
March 16-27, 2015  Trieste, Italy  Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced School and Workshop on Modern Methods in Plasma Spectroscopy 
March 26-31, 2015  Nagoya University, Japan ISPlasma2015/IC-PLANTS2015: 7th Int. Symp. Advanced Plasma Science and Its Applications for Nitrides and Nanomaterials and 8th Int. Conf. Plasma Nanotechnology and Science 
April 13-17, 2015  Kochi(Cochin), India FPPT-7: 7th Int. Conf. the Frontiers of Plasma Physics and Technology 
June 9-12, 2015 Dalian , China 5th APTWG (Asia Pacific Transport Working Group Conference).
15 June - 10 July, 2015  Nordita, Sweden  Origin, Evolution, and Signatures of Cosmological Magnetic Fields 
July 05-10, 2015  Antwerp, Belgium  ISPC 22 : 22nd International symposium on Plasma Chemistry 
Aug 17-22, 2015  POSTECH, Korea  5th East-Asia School and Workshop 
Aug.24-Sept.4, 2015  Leuven, Bergium 12th Calorus Magnus Summer school
Sept.14-18, 2015  Kyoto, Japan ISPS6/ITTW2015
Dec.1-4, 2015, Toki, Japan Sokendai Asian Winter School(AWS2015)
Dec.14-18,2015  Gandhinagar, India APFA2015