Scope of the AAPPS-DPP2024

AAPPS-DPP2024 is a plasma physics conference under the authority of AAPPS-DPP for scientific discussions on plasma physics. This conference provides interdisciplinary and in-depth discussions among and in various fields of plasma physics and applications.

Scientific program is categorized into following 9 fields
CD Cross Disciplinary
F Fundamental plasma
B Basic plasma
A Applied plasma
L Laser plasma
SG Space & Geomag plasma
SA Solar/Astro plasma
MF1 Magnetic Fusion Plasma (Core)
MF2 Magnetic Fusion Plasma (Edge)

  1. CD (Cross Disciplinary)
    This year's topics is "Pattern and Structure Formation in Turbulence"
  2. F (Fundamental) covers 1. Mathematical plasma physics, 2. MHD and Reconnection, 3. Kinetic MHD, 4. Plasma turbulence, 5. Gyro kinetic, 6. NC transport, 7. Turbulent transport, 8. Current Drive, 9. Relativistic plasma physics
  3. (Basic) covers 1. Plasma Simulation, 2. Strongly-coupled& Dusty& Quantum plasmas, 3. Atomic& Molecular in plasma and plasma-wall interaction for astro/solar/space, laser, low temp and fusion applications, 4. Plasma Diagnostics, 5. Non-neutral plasma, 7. Plasma propulsion, 8. Plasma source and plasma heating system.
  4. A (Applied) covers Plasma processing, Plasma Medicine, Plasma Agriculture, Arc welding, High voltage discharge, Low temperature plasma, etc.
  5. L (Laser) covers Laser plasma interaction and its application such as Laser fusion, Laser wake field acceleration.
  6. SG (Space & Geomagnetism) covers space and geomagnetic plasma physics.
  7. SA (Solar/Astro) covers solar plasma physics and astro plasma physics.
  8. MF1 (Magnetic fusion (Core)) covers magnetic confinement fusion plasma (core).
  9. MF2 (Magnetic fusion (Edge)) covers magnetic confinement fusion plasma, edge, SOL and divertor).