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Date Time Session
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-16:00 Fundamental I
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-16:00 Basic I
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-16:00 Applied I
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-15:45 Laser I
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-15:45 Space I
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-16:00 Solar/Astro I
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-16:05 Magnetic Fusion I-1
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 14:00-16:05 Magnetic Fusion I-2
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:30 Fundamental II
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:30 Basic II
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:00 Applied II
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:15-18:20 Laser II
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:00 Space-II
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:30 Solar/Astro II
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:35 Magnetic Fusion II-1
Sept. 18 (Mon.) 16:30-18:35 Magnetic Fusion II-2
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:00 Fundamental III
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:00 Basic III
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-15:45 Applied III
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-15:40 Laser III
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:00 Space III
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:00 Solar/Astro III
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:05 Magnetic Fusion III-1
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion III-2
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 14:00-16:05 Magnetic Fusion III-3
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30 Fundamental IV
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:00 Basic IV
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30 Applied IV
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:10-18:15 Laser IV
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30 Space IV
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:15 Solar/Astro IV
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion IV-1
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion IV-2
Sept. 19 (Tue.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion IV-3
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Fundamental V
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Basic V
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Applied V
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-15:45 Laser V
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Space V
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-15:45 Solar/Astro V
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion V-1
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion V-2
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion V-3
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Fundamental VI
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Basic VI
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Applied VI
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:15-18:20 Laser VI
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Space VI
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Solar/Astro VI
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion VI-1
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion VI-2
Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion VI-3
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Fundamental VII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Basic VII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-15:30 Applied VII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-15:45 Laser VII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Space VII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Solar/Astro VII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion VII-1
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion VII-2
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 14:00-16:00 Magnetic Fusion VII-3
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:30 Fundamental VIII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:30 Basic VIII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:30 Applied VIII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:15-18:20 Laser VIII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:00 Solar/Astro VIII
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion VIII-1
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion VIII-2
Sept. 21 (Thr.) 16:30-18:30 Magnetic Fusion VIII-3

September 18, (Monday), Afternoon early Session [14:00-16:00]
Fundamental I [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: P. Diamond
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I1 Hideo Sugama Extension of gyrokinetic field theory
F-I2 Lu Wang Gyrokinetic theory of turbulent acceleration of parallel rotation and momentum conservation
Rameswar Singh Intrinsic parallel current generation from ETG turbulence in a cylindrical plasma
F-O1 Yin Tian Transport dynamic equations with impurity in tokamak plasmas
F-O2 Dong Li Interplay of MHD instability and impurity transport during ECRH heating on HL-2A tokamak
Basic I [14:00-16:00], Place: I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: A. Sen
Change: Chair exchanged between M. Bonitz(B-I) and K. Avinash(B-VII)
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I1 Lin I Defect dynamics in cold dusty plasma liquids
B-I2 Yan Feng Equation of State for 2D Liquid Dusty Plasmas and Applications
B-I3 Surabhi Jaiswal Precursor solitons in a flowing complex plasma
B-O1 Kuldeep Singh The Study of Collisional Phase Shifts and Dust Acoustic Rogue Waves in Polarized Dusty Plasma
B-O2 Wen Wang Dynamics of surface-assisted crystalline domain growth in cooled
3D dusty plasma liquids
Applied I [14:00-16:00], Place: I(30min) Room: S9 in the 7th Floor of East Building,
Chair: Mineo Hiramatsu
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I1 Guohua Ni Generation of water plasma and its applications in high concentration organic wastewater treatment
A-I2 Seong Ling Yap Characterisation of Pulsed X-ray from a Plasma Focus for Superficial Radiation Therapy
A-I3 Qiang Huang Carbon Dioxide Reactions in Non-thermal Low Temperature Plasma
A-O1 Niraj Kumar A novel Pseudospark Sourced High Current Density (~1kA/cm2) Sheet electron beam source and its diagnostics
A-O2 Punit Kumar Harmonic Effects in Propagation of Intense Laser Beam Through Quantum Plasma Under the Influence of Wiggler Field
Laser I [14:00-15:45], I(25min) Room: S6 in the 2nd Floor of West Building,
Chair: Zheng-Ming Sheng
Change: Pikuz (L-O1) speaker changes to M. Moenig
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I1 Michel Koenig Recent radiative hydrodynamic experiment in Laboratory Astrophysics at LULI.
L-I2 Byoung-ick Cho Study of Warm Dense Plasmas with Ultrafast X-rays
L-I3 Jiaxiang Wang Boron laser fusion by plasma block ignition and avalanche reaction
L-O1 Tatiana Pikuz New diagnostics developments for pump-probe experiments
L-O2 Yang Zhao Experimental Study of K-shell Absorption Spectra in Dense Plasma at Shenguang II Laser Facility
Space I [14:00-15:45], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: Jörg Büchner
Program No. Name Paper Title
S-I1 Zuyin Pu Multiple magnetic topologies in flux transfer events at the magnetopause: THEMIS measurements
S-I2 Michael Mauel New Results for Understanding Confined Plasma using the
Laboratory Magnetosphere
S-I3 Masaki Nishiura Experimental Physics of Magnetospheric Plasma in RT-1
S-O1 Anmin Tian Test of methods on determining axis and movement of plasma structures
Solar/Astro I [14:00-16:00], (I30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: K. Shibata
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I1 Gwangson Choe On the Aly-Sturrock Paradox – A Puzzle of Magnetic Field Opening
SA-I2 Andrew Hillier The magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor instability in solar prominences
SA-I3 Don Melrose Rethinking the solar flare paradigm
SA-O1 Ryouhei Kano Ultraviolet spectropolarimetric observations to probe the solar chromosphere and transition region
SA-O2 Hui Li Lyman-alpha Observations of the Sun from Space
Magnetic Fusion I-1[14:00-16:05], OV(25min) Room:S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: M. Kikuchi
Change: MF-OV3 (E. Jofflin) will be given by M. Romanelli
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-OV1 Yi Liu Overview of Physics Results from HL-2A
MF-OV2 Yeong-Kook Oh Recent progress of the KSTAR experiments in exploring the science and tchnologies relevent to the ITER and DEMO
MF-OV3 Emmanuel Joffrin JET isotope experiments and scenario development: towards the DT phase
MF-OV4 Yuichi Takase Plasma Current Start-up by the Lower Hybrid Wave in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
MF-OV5 Yong-Su Na Status and Plan of Versatile Experiment Spherical Torus (VEST) toward Advanced Tokamak Study

Magnetic Fusion I-2[14:00-16:05], I(25min) Room:S5 in the West Building,
Chair: Min Xu
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I21 Annika Ekedahl LHCD Experiments on HL-2A and EAST towards High Confinement and Long Pulse Operation
MF-I22 Takumi Onchi Present status of current-drive system in QUEST spherical tokamak
MF-I23 Kengoh Kuroda Coaxial Helicity Injection experiment on QUEST
MF-I24 Wenfeng Guo Study of Axisymmetric Electrostatic Magnetohydrodynamic Oscillations in Tokamaks with General Cross-sections and Toroidal Flow
MF-I25 Chengkang Pan In/Out Impurity Density Asymmetries in a Rotating Tokamak Plasma
September 18, (Monday), Afternoon Later Session [16:30-18:30]
Fundamental II [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: T. Watanabe
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I4 Patrick Diamond Dual Cascade,"Blobby Turbulence",and Target Pattern Formation in Systems
F-I5 Jungyeon Cho Alfvenic Turbulence in Strongly Magnetized Media
F-I6 Thanh Tinh Tran Numerical Investigation of Zonal Flow Enhancement due to Conversion of Parallel Compression
F-O3 Haotian Chen Theory of Nonlinear Cascadings of Trapped-electron Mode Turbulence in Toroidal Plasmas
F-O4 Shih-Hung Chen A Paradigm Model for the Nonlinear Dynamics of Backward-Wave Oscillations
Basic II [16:30-18:30], Place: I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: C.S. Liu
Program No. Name Paper Title
Swadesh Mahajan The Relativistic Electro-Vortical Field - Revisiting Magneto-Genesis and Allied Problems
B-I5 Jiamin Yang X-ray Properties of Warm/Hot Dense Plasmas Generated on High power laser Facilities
B-I6 Amar Prasad Misra Nonlinear Landau damping of electrostatic waves in quantum plasmas
B-O3 Deng Zhou Kinetic Alfenic Waves in Quantum Magnetoplasmas
B-O4 Po-Cheng Lin Coherent motions in dust acoustic wave turbulence
Applied II [16:30-18:00], I(30min) Room: S9 in the 7th Floor of East Building,
Chair: Jun-Seok Oh
Change: A-O5 (M. Shiratani) exchange with A-I25(R. Rawat)
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I4 Subroto Mukherjee Plasma Based Diffusion Processes for Enhancement in Properties of Steel Surfaces
A-I5 Ryuta Ichiki Nitrogen diffusion treatment to metal surface using atmospheric-pressure plasmas
A-O3 Keh-Chyang Leou HIPIMS Deposited Titanium Nitride Thin Film with
Metal-like Optical Property for Plasmonic Applications
A-O4 Feng Zhang Study ofelectron cyclotron wave-plasma coupling by dual-polarizer
A-O5 Masaharu Shiratani Local Fluctuations of Plasma Detected with an Optically Trapped Fine Particle
Laser II [16:15-18:20], I(25min) Room: S6 in the 2nd Floor of West Building,
Chair: Min Sup Hur
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I4 Chih-Hao Pai Applications of laser-fabricated plasma structures in plasma nonlinear optics, ion acceleration and ultra-intense mid-infrared pulse generation
L-I5 Alessio Morace Tailoring beam performance by interfering intense laser beamlets
L-I6 Hongbin Zhuo High-order harmonic generation from laser interaction with a plasma grating
L-I7 Sudip Sengupta On Wave Breaking of Relativistically Intense Longitudinal Waves in plasma
L-I8 Jianfei Hua Controllable generation of high quality electron beams with very low absolute energy spread in a laser wakefield accelerator (LWFA) and the demonstration of wakefield snapshots using LWFA electron beams
Space-II [16:30-18:00], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: Quanming Lu
Program No. Name Paper Title
S-I4 Chia-Hsien Lin Examining the Solar Cycle Variation of Coronal Holes
S-I5 Jiansen He Challenges in Study of Solar Wind Turbulence
S-I6 Jinsong Zhao Nonlinear instability of Alfvén waves in the interplanetary plasma
S-I7 Amar Kakad Generation of Electrostatic Solitary Save Structures Through Wavebreaking Process and Their Dynamics in Plasmas
Solar/Astro II [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: R. Matsumoto
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I4 Takaaki Yokoyama MHD waves and jets in the solar atmosphere
SA-I5 De-Jin Wu Application of kinetic Alfven waves in solar corona heating
SA-I6 Jungjoon Seough Plasma kinetic instability and its application to the solar wind electron
SA-O3 Baolin Tan Spectral Fine Structures of Solar Radio Bursts and the Related Plasma Processes
SA-O4 Jianfei Tang Electron Cyclotron Maser Emission in Coronal Arches and Solar Radio Type V Bursts
Magnetic Fusion II-1 [16:30-18:35], I(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: ZX Wang
Change:MF-I2(Z.Qiu) exchanged with MF-I65(F.Wang)
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I1 Nikolai Gorelenkov Frontiers in energetic particle research in fusion
MF-I2 Zhiyong Qiu Nonlinear processes and saturated spectrum of Alfvén eigenmodes in tokamak plasmas
MF-I3 Liming Yu Overview of recent MHD instabilities excited by energetic electrons in the HL-2A
MF-I4 Takeshi Ido Energetic particle-driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode in the Large Helical Device
MF-I5 Wenlu Zhang Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Fast Electron Driven Beta-induced Alfven Eigenmodes
Magnetic Fusion II-2 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: YK Oh
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I26 Michele Romanelli Integrated Modelling preparing for high-beta Scenarios on JT-60SA
MF-I27 Si-Woo Yoon Development of high performance scenario toward high beta steady-state plasmas at KSTAR
MF-I28 Siye Ding Confinement Improvement in the High Poloidal Beta Regime towards Steady State Tokamak Operation and Application to Fusion Reactor
MF-O1 Jiale Chen Physics assessments on the requirement of heating, current drive and rotation drive to sustain CFETR steady-state scenarios
MF-O2 Yongfu Shi Simulations and validations of the fast and slow components of SMBI on HL-2A
MF-O3 Hongfei Du Preliminary plasma core transport analysis of optimized internal inductance steady-state H-mode discharges in EAST

September 19, (Tuesday), Afternoon early Session [14:00-16:00]
Fundamental III [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: Z. Chieuh
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I7 Yi-Hsin Liu On the collisionless magnetic reconnection rate
F-I8 Makoto Hirota Gyrofluid Energy Principle and Its Application to Fast Magnetic Reconnection
F-I9 Grigory Vekstein Nonlinear forced magnetic reconnection and onset of plasmoid instability
F-O5 Shaodong Song Real-time control of tearing modes with ECRH on HL-2A
F-O6 Masaru Furukawa Helically deformed MHD equilibrium as lower-energy state via simulated annealing
Basic III [14:00-16:00], Place: I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: H. Akatsuka
Change: B-18 Roger Hutton will be given by Y. Yang
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I7 Fabrice Doveil Lamb shift and measurement of static and fluctuating electric fields in plasmas
B-I8 Roger Hutton Magnetic Field Induced Transitions in Highly Charged Ions
B-I9 Ke Yao Overview of A&M research at Shanghai EBIT for fusion research
B-O5 Neville Luhmann, Jr. System-on-Chip (SoC) Technology for Tokamak Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging and Microwave Imaging Reflectometry
B-O6 Tianheng Xu Measurements of KLL dielectronic recombination resonances of Ba by Shanghai EBIT
Applied III [14:00-15:45], I(30min) Room: S9 in the 7th Floor of East Building,
Chair: Rajdeep Singh RAWAT
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I6 Toshiro Kaneko Gas-Liquid Interfacial Plasmas Enhancing Gene Transfer by Controlling Behavior of Reactive Species
A-I7 Timo Gans Tailoring reactive species production in atmospheric pressure plasmas: measurement & simulation
A-O6 Jun-Seok Oh Plasma generated reactive oxygen species oxidized mold spores
A-O7 Xiaoliang Wang Finite Volume Simulation of Arc Plasmas
A-I8 Weili Fan Nonlinear pattern formation and kinetic simulation in dielectric barrier discharge
Laser III [14:00-15:40], I(25min) Asian ICUIL session, Room: S6 in West Building,
Chair: Chang Hee Nam
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I9 Ruxin Li Progress of the SULF 10PW Laser Project
L-I10 Hiromitsu Kiriyama 10^22 W/cm^2, 0.1 Hz, High-Contrast J-KAREN-P Laser Facility at QST
L-I11 Junji Kawanaka Exploring High Pulse Energy, High Rep. Rate Laser in the Next Generation
L-I12 Suman Bagchi Laser Plasma based Micrometer Size Mono-energetic Heavy Ion Accelerator
Space III [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: Yoshiharu Omura
Program No. Name Paper Title
S-I8 Qiugang Zong The Interaction of Ultra Low Frequency Waves with Charged Particles in Earth’s Magnetosphere
S-I9 Yusuke Ebihara Global MHD simulation study on the evolution of substorms
S-I10 Quanqi Shi Solar wind pressure sudden change and the geospace response
S-I11 Lei Yang A model for the Walen slope of Alfvenic fluctuations in the solar wind
Solar/Astro III [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: G. Choe
Change: K. Shibata (SA-I7) moved to P8.
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I7 Kazunari Shibata superflares on solar type stars
SA-I8 Prateek Sharma Interpreting multiphase gas in cool galaxy cluster cores
SA-I9 Tsuyoshi Inoue Turbulent magnetic field and high-energy emissions from young supernova remnants
SA-O5 Jiro Shimoda On Synthetic Measurements of Large-Scale Turbulent Magnetic Field Nature in Supernova Remnant: the slope of magnetic energy spectrum
SA-O6 Linghua Wang Solar Wind Suprathermal Electrons
Magnetic Fusion III-1 [14:00-16:05], OV(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: A. Garofalo
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-OV6 Yunfeng Liang Recent advances in EAST physics experiments towards high-performance steady-state H-mode operation
MF-OV7 Joerg Stober Development of integrated scenarios for ITER and DEMO on ASDEX Upgrade
MF-OV8 Joydeep Ghosh Experimental Results from Aditya and Aditya Upgrade Tokamak
MF-OV9 Matteo Zuin The Reversed Field Pinch Physics: the Low Field Alternative to Fusion
MF-OV10 Makoto Hasegawa Efforts toward Steady State Operation in Long Duration Discharges with the Control of Hot Wall Temperature on QUEST
Magnetic Fusion III-2 [14:00-16:05], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: GS Xu
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I29 Wulyu Zhong Excitation of Electromagnetic Turbulence by Edge Self -accumulated and Externally Seeded Impurity in the HL-2A H-mode Plasmas
MF-I30 Won-Ha Ko L-H Transition Studies under Non-axisymmetric Magnetic Fields in KSTAR
MF-I31 Ben Zhu Global 3D Two-Fluid Simulations of Turbulent Transport in the Tokamak Edge Region: Turbulence, Profile Evolution and Spontaneous $E \times B$ rotation
Lang Cui
Energy Confinement Recovery in DIII-D Plasmas with Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
MF-O5 Zhengji Li Intrinsic rotation study in the HL-2A ECRH plasma with GTS code
MF-O6 Xingquan Wu Model investigation of Low-to-High Confinement Transition Mediated by Turbulence Radial Wavenumber Spectral Shift in a Fusion Plasma
Magnetic Fusion III-3 [14:00-16:05], I(25min) Room: S7 in the West Building(3rd floor),
Chair: M. Hole
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I53 Laurie Porte TCV and Negative Triangularity Experiments
MF-I54 Alessandro Marinoni H-mode-like confinement with L-mode edge in
negative triangularity plasmas on DIII-D
MF-O13 Mitsuru Kikuchi Single Null Negative Triangularity Tokamak for Power Handling
MF-O14 Lei Xue VDEs investigation of the negative triangularity tokamak plasmas
MF-O15 Xue Bai Effect of anisotropic thermal transport on the resistive plasma response to resonant magnetic perturbation field
MF-O16 Kai Wu Active feedback control of radiation for power exhaust in EAST long-pulse operations
MF-O17 German Vogel Study on core impurity transport in RMP ELM-mitigated plasmas at EAST
September 19, (Tuesday), Afternoon Later Session [16:30-18:30]
Fundamental IV [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: Lu Wang
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I10 Zhibin Guo Fluctuation-Induced Bistability: A Model of Heat Flux Hysteresis and Avalanching in Confined Plasmas
F-I11 Kaijun Zhao Synchronization of geodesic acoustic modes and magnetic fluctuations in tokamak plasmas
F-I12 Mingkun Han Turbulent Particle Transport in Transport Barriers
F-O7 Dong Guo Experimental study of cross phase influence on Reynolds stress
in the HL-2A tokamak
F-O8 Ting Long Poloidal Rotation Driven by Turbulent Residual Stress in the Edge of HL-2A Tokamak Plasmas
Basic IV [16:30-18:00], I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: S. Shinohara
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I10 Mitsutoshi Aramaki Inevitable Limitation of Plane Wave Laser Spectroscopy, and a Solution by Using Optical Vortex
B-I11 Kimiya Komurasaki Space Propulsion Powered by Millimeter-Wave Discharge
B-I12 Shogo Isayama Self-consistent model of the helicon discharge
Applied IV [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S9 in the East Building,
Chair: Toshiro Kaneko
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I9 Ying Guo Injection of plasma plume into radio frequency atmospheric pressure glow discharge
A-I10 Dezheng Yang Active Species Spatiotemporal distributions and energy transfer mechanism in nanosecond pulsed discharge plasma base on the air pollution control
A-I11 Deepak Subedi An Experimental Study of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet
A-O8 Nepal Chandra Roy Production of OH and O radicals with Air/H_2 O and Air/Ar/H_2 O atmospheric pressure gliding arc discharges plasma jet
A-O9 Hernando S.Salapare III Enhanced Surface Properties of Gas Discharge Plasma-Irradiated Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) for Biological Applications
Laser IV [16:10-18:15], I(25min) Asian ICUIL session, Room: S6,
Chair: Hiromitsu Kiriyama
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I13 Chang Hee Nam Investigation of Superintense Laser-Matter Interactions with a 4 PW Laser
L-I14 Xueqing Yan Efficient and stable ion acceleration from nanometer targets
L-I15 Kitae Lee Quasi-monoenergetic proton beams from a layered target irradiated by an ultraintense laser pulse
L-I16 Yuqiu Gu Status of fast ignition researches in LFRC
L-I17 Akifumi Yogo Ion acceleration mechanism driven by multi-picosecond PW laser pulses
Space IV [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: Qiugang Zong
Program No. Name Paper Title
S-I12 Huishan Fu Intermittent energy dissipation by turbulent reconnection
S-I13 Ping Zhu Intrinsically Three-Dimensional Magnetic Reconnection Induced by Ballooning Instability in Earth's Magnetotail
S-I14 Zhaojin Rong The magnetic field structure of Mercury’s magnetotail
S-I15 Xing Wei Precession Dynamo and Dynamical Tides
Solar/Astro IV [16:30-18:15], I(30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: Linghua Wang
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I10 Youhei Masada Numerical Modeling of Solar and Stellar Dynamos
- Current Status and Future Perspectives -
SA-I11 Ryoji Matsumoto Astrophysical Dynamos in Rotating Disks - Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Accretion Disks and Galactic Gas Disks
SA-I12 Mei Zhang The role of current helicity in driving solar dynamo
SA-O7 Haixia Xie Plasma Parameters and Geometry of Cool and Warm Active Region Loops
Magnetic Fusion IV-1 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: G. Tynan
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I6 GuoSheng Xu Stationary Small/No ELM H-mode Regimes for High-performance Steady-state Operations in EAST
MF-I7 Jan Weiland The role of zonal flows in reactive fluid closures
MF-I8 Jiaqi Dong Impurity Induced Micro-Electromagnetic Instabilities in Toroidal Plasmas
MF-I9 Katsumi Ida Abrupt onset of tongue deformation in LHD plasmas
MF-I10 Sumin Yi Turbulence Spreading as a Non-local Mechanism of Global Confinement Degradation
Magnetic Fusion IV-2 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: M. Kim
Program No. Name Paper Title
Piero Martin Operation near and beyond MHD stability limits
MF-I33 Yueqiang Liu Physics and Control of Macroscopic Instabilities in Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasmas
MF-I34 Tuong Hoang Plasma Scenario Development for the HL-2M tokamak
MF-I35 David Humphreys Control Physics Advances in DIII-D and Long Pulse Devices Applied to Robust, Disruption-Free Operation
MF-I36 Yunbo Dong Experimental results of disruption mitigation with SMBI and MGI on HL-2A
Magnetic Fusion IV-3 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S7 in the West Building,
Chair: Yi Liu
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I55 Jinil Chung Internal transport barrier (ITB) formation in KSTAR
MF-I56 Wei Chen Kinetic Electromagnetic Instabilities in an ITB Plasma with Weak Magnetic Shear
MF-O18 Ding Li The influence of strong magnetic field on the plasma transport
MF-O19 Cormac Corr Plasma-material interaction research at the MAGPIE Facility
MF-O20 Min Jiang Interaction between magnetic island, poloidal flow, and turbulence in HL-2A ohmic plasmas
MF-O21 Fulvio Auriemma A novel approach to the study of transport properties in plasma with magnetic islands
MF-O22 Minho Woo Effect of Large Magnetic Island on Shear Alfven Continuum Crossing Points in Cylindrical Plasma
September 20, Afternoon early Session [14:00-16:00]
Fundamental V [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: G. Tynan
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I13 Zhongbing Shi Investigation of ELM mitigation with supersonic molecular beam injection on the HL-2A tokamak
F-I14 Seong-Heon Seo Identification of the Poloidal Mode Number in Tokamak Plasma
F-I15 Rui Ke Study of nonlinear kinetic energy exchange between turbulence and shear flows via cross-bispectrum analysis on HL-2A tokamak
F-O9 Boyu Zhang Study of particle transport and turbulence with comb microwave reflectometer in PANTA
F-O10 Ruirui Ma Destabilization of beta-induced Alfven eigenmodes excited by energetic ions in tokamak plasmas
Basic V [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: Lin I
Change: P. Trivedi(B-O7) canceled and Mangilal Choudhary (BP15) moved as B-O7
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I13 Chuan Sheng Liu Plasma Waves in Plasmas with One, Two, Three Dimensions
Khare Avinash The study on plasma heating by electric field compression
B-I15 Haruhiko Saitoh Injection and manipulation of positron beam in a magnetic dipole field configuration
B-O7 Trivedi Pallavi Multi-Extrema Electron And Ion Phase Space Structures in a 1-D Vlasov
B-O8 Anbang Sun Simulating streamers in atmospheric air
Applied V [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S9 in the East Building,
Chair: Yong-Xin Liu
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I12 Seiji Samukawa Neutral Beam Technology for Future Nano-materials and Nano-devices
A-I13 Jean-Paul Booth he role of translational and vibrational energy in processing plasmas: novel optical diagnostics of low-pressure Cl2 and O2 inductively-coupled plasmas
A-I14 Koichi Sasaki Evaluation of sheath electric field in a low-temperature hydrogen plasma by saturation spectroscopy at Balmer-α line of atomic hydrogen
A-I15 Ivan Ganachev Plasma modeling for plasma processing
Laser V [14:00-15:45], I(25min) Room: S6 in the 2nd Floor of West Building,
Chair: M. Murakami
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I18 Min Chen Laser wakefield based particle accelerator and radiation sources at SJTU
L-I19 MinSup Hur Realization of hypothetical plasma dipole oscillation leading to burst of coherent radiation
L-I20 Xiaomei Zhang Particle-in-Cell Simulation of X-ray Wakefield Acceleration and Betatron Radiation in Nanotubes
L-O3 Seong Geun Lee Double Plasma Mirror System For the 4 PW Ti:Sapphire Laser at CoReLS
L-O4 Kai Huang Electron Energy Spectrum Evolution during Magnetic Reconnection in Laser-Produced Plasma
Space V [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: Michael Mauel
Program No. Name Paper Title
S-I16 Joerg Buechner Structure Formation and Particle Acceleration by Collisionless Guide-Field Magnetic Reconnection in Space, Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas
S-I17 Quanming Lu The role of magnetic islands in electron acceleration during magnetic reconnection
S-I18 Seiji Zenitani Electron particle dynamics in collisionless magnetic reconnection
S-I19 Rongsheng Wang Electron acceleration in the separatrix region during collisionless magnetic reconnection
Solar/Astro V [14:00-15:45], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: D. Melrose
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I13 Joten Okamoto Solar MHD phenomena observed by Hinode
SA-I14 P. F. Chen Helicity and magnetic configurations of solar filaments
SA-O8 Jian-Zhou Zhu Global and local (Lie-carried) helicities of two-vortex single-fluid and two-fluid plasmas and the chirality of solar wind turbulence
SA-O9 Yi Bi The photospheric vortex flows during a solar flare
SA-O10 Liang Xiang Resonant Mode Conversion of Alfven Waves with Finite Frequency Effect in Two-Temperature Plasmas
Magnetic Fusion V-1 [14:00-16:00], OV(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: H. Park
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-OV11 Richard Pitts Elements of the ITER tungsten divertor physics basis
MF-OV12 Andrea Garofalo Recent Experimental and Modeling Advances in QH-mode Research
MF-OV13 Hendrik Meyer Research on European Medium Sized Tokamaks towards ITER and DEMO
MF-OV14 Hiroyuki Okada Studies of Magnetic Field Configuration in Heliotron J
MF-OV15 Sadao Masamune Attainment of high electron beta and new QSH regime in a low-aspect-ratio Reversed Field Pinch
Magnetic Fusion V-2 [14:00-16:00], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: K. Ida
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I37 Francesca Maria Poli Power management in ITER for NTM control, the path from the commissioning phase to the demonstration baseline
MF-I38 Zheng-Xiong Wang onlinear Interaction of Neo-classical Tearing Modes in Tokamak Plasmas
MF-I39 Hongpeng Qu Magnetic islands and neoclassical currents
MF-I40 Huishan Cai Influence of energetic ions on neoclassical tearing modes
MF-I41 Zhirui Wang Full toroidal computation of resistive MHD instabilities based on asymptotic matching approach
Magnetic Fusion V-3 [14:00-16:00], I(25min) Room: S7 in the West Building(3rd floor),
Chair: H. Park
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I57 Andreas Kirschner Modelling of Plasma-Wall Interaction and Impurity Transport in Magnetic Fusion Devices
MF-I58 Joohwan Hong Studies on Ar and Kr impurity transport in KSTAR plasmas
MF-I59 Shuyu Dai 3D simulations of edge impurity flow obtained in the vacuum ultraviolet emission experiment in LHD with EMC3-EIRENE
MF-O23 Ting Wu Coupling of SOL density profiles with edge plasma parameters in the TJ-II stellarator
MF-O24 T.Y. Xia The simulations of SOL width with helical current filaments in ELMy H-mode
MF-O25 Tengfei Tang BOUT++ nonlinear simulation of divertor heat flux profile width in DIII-D discharges
September 20, Afternoon Later Session [16:30-18:30]
Fundamental VI [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: J. Cho
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I16 Robert Dewar Dynamical Formulation of Multi-region Relaxed MHD (MRxMHD)
F-I17 Dominique Escande Unified N-body description of Debye shielding and Landau damping
F-I18 Marco Veranda Reversed-field pinch pursuit of magnetic order exploiting helical states with
transport barriers
F-I19 Yang Wan Physical Mechanism of the Intrinsic Transverse Instability in Laser Pressure Ion Acceleration
Basic VI [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: Z. Wang
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I16 Mizuki Sakamoto Divertor Simulation and Hydrogen Recycling Study Utilizing End Region of the Tandem Mirror GAMMA 10/PDX
Nirmal Kumar Bisai Neutral gas on edge and Scrape-off layer tokamak plasma Turbulence
B-I18 Hongbin Ding Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for characterization of impurities deposits and deuterium retention in EAST tokamak
Amrita Bhattacharya A proposed semi - implicit numerical method for solving the radial impurity transport equation in tokamak plasma
B-O10 Debjani Chatterjee Nonlinear Landau damping of electrostatic solitary waves in a quantum plasma.
Applied VI [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S9 in the 7th Floor of East Building,
Chair: Ivan. P. Ganachev
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I16 Deli Tang Anode Layer Hall Plasma Accelerator: Recent Progress and Challenges
A-I17 Fangli Yuan Large-Scale Synthesis of Nanoparticles by Thermal Plasma
A-I18 Hai-Xing Wang Nonequilibrium species diffusion in a low-power nitrogen–hydrogen arcjet thruster
A-O10 Peiyu Ji Synthesis of diamond-like carbon thin films using helicon wave plasma CVD
A-O11 Taojun Fang Effect of Gas flow rate ratio on the structure and properties of a-C:H films deposited using Ar + H2+ C7H8 Plasma CVD
Laser VI [16:15-18:20], I(25min) Room: S6 in the 2nd Floor of West Building,
Chair: D. Batani
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I21 Joao Jorge Santos Strong quasi-static and transient fields driven by laser and the enhancement of the energy-density flux of charged particle beams
L-I22 Ke Lan Progress in Octahedral Spherical Hohlraum Study
L-I23 Keisuke Shigemori Diamond ablator for direct drive inertial confinement fusion targets
L-I24 Dong Yang Investigating the hohlraum radiation properties through the angular distribution of the radiation temperature on Shenguang-III prototype
L-I25 Wei-Min Wang Wang Magnetically assisted fast ignition scheme for inertial confinement fusion
Space VI [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: S. Zenitani
Program No. Name Paper Title
Alfred Chen The impact of the transient luminous events (TLEs) and intense lightning on the lower ionosphere
S-I21 Cheng-Ling Kuo Electrical and dynamical coupling processes associated with thunderstorms
Charles Lin Exploring Ionospheric Plasma Structures using GNSS observations: from Monitoring to Forecast and from COSMIC to COSMIC-2
S-O2 Abdur Rauf Case study about PMSE intensity affected by high energy particle precipitation
S-O3 Muhammad Shahid Decay of Langmuir Wave in Earth’s magnetosphere with non-uniform magnetic field
Solar/Astro VI [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: J. Lin
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I15 Ryo Yamazaki Low-mach-number collisionless shocks in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas
SA-I16 Yosuke Matsumoto Electron Accelerations at High-Mach-Number Collision-less Shocks
SA-I17 Yutaka Ohira Particle accelerations, plasma instabilities, and collisionless shocks in partially ionized plasmas.
SA-O11 Sara Tomita The Weibel Mediated Shocks Propagating into the Inhomogeneous Plasmas
SA-O12 Masanori Iwamoto Persistence of precursor waves in two-dimensional relativistic shocks
Magnetic Fusion VI-1 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: Ding Li
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I11 Walter Guttenfelder Validating gyrokinetic predictions using NSTX and NSTX-U plasmas
MF-I12 Shaojie Wang Nonlinear gyrokinetic simulation of ITG turbulence based on a numerical Lie-transform perturbation method
MF-I13 Lei Ye Development of the NLT code for gyrokinetic simulations of turbulence transport
MF-I14 Shinsuke Satake Global and Local Drift-Kinetic Simulation Models for Neoclassical Viscosities
MF-I15 Yang Ren Exploring the Regime of Validity of Global Gyrokinetic Simulation with Spherical Tokamak Plasmas
Magnetic Fusion VI-2 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: R. Pitts
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I42 Jan Coenen Tungsten Components in Fusion – Edge - Power loading and Melting – Consequences for Fusion Devices –
MF-I43 Liang Wang Active handling of heat flux and impurity accumulation in EAST long pulse operation with tungsten divertor
MF-I44 Guoyao Zheng Modelling of heat load and impurity for HL-2M advanced divertor
MF-O7 Akio Sanpei Observation of hollow SXR emissivity distribution in a low-A RFP
MF-O8 Shengjun Tan Analysis of disruption induced by vertical displacement events on EAST tokamak
MF-O9 Gianluca Pucella Linear stability analysis of Tearing Modes on FTU by means of MARS code
Magnetic Fusion VI-3 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S7 in the West Building(3rd floor),
Chair: X. Sun
Change: M. Walsh (MF-I60) moved to MF-OV16 slot
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I60 Michael Walsh ITER Diagnostics Outline and Progress
MF-I61 Haiqing Liu Advances in diagnostic developments for steady-state tokamak operation on EAST and in support of future applications on CFETR
MF-I62 Mark Nornberg Using Integrated Data Analysis to optimize measurements critical to the validation of MHD simulations
MF-O26 Liang Liu Zeff profiles from visible bremsstrahlung measurements on HL-2A
MF-O27 Wenjin Chen The new development of motional Stark effect polarimeter in HL-2A tokamak
MF-O28 Yongjian Xu Measurement and Experiment Research on Backstream Electrons for High Current Ion Source of EAST-NBI
September 21, Afternoon early Session [14:00-16:00]
Fundamental VII [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: D. Escande
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I20 Jian Liu Largest Particle Simulations Downgrade the Runaway Electron Risk for ITER
F-I21 Min-Gu Yoo Anomalous plasma transports during the ohmic breakdown in a tokamak
F-I22 Zhanhui Wang Physics of Neutral Gas Jet Interaction with Magnetized Plasmas
Umesh Kumar Role of ions in the flow-fluctuation dynamics of plasma confined by helical magnetic fields : an experimental study
Basic VII [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: K. Avinash
Chair exchanged between M. Bonitz(B-I) and K. Avinash (B-VII)
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I19 Nareshpal Singh Saini Nonlinear Structures in Dusty Plasmas with Different Kinds of Distributions
B-I20 Stephen Vincena Shear Alfven waves in nonuniform plasmas at the U.S. Basic Plasma Science Facility
B-I21 Haruhiko Himura Experimental exploration of two-fluid plasmas by use of non-neutral plasmas
Meenakshee Sharma Study of Effect of Multi-cusp Magnetic Field on Plasma Parameters
B-O12 Xiaobin Ding Theoretical Investigation on the spectrum of W LV ion
Applied VII [14:00-15:30], I(30min) Room: S9 in the 7th Floor of East Building,
Chair: Hirotaka Toyoda
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I19 Uros Cvelbar Plasmas and catalysts
A-I20 Mineo Hiramatsu Vertical Graphene Network: Synthesis and its Emerging Applications
A-I21 Suresh Chandra Sharma Controlled Growth and Field Emission Properties of Plasma-Grown Graphene Sheet via Nitrogen Doping: A Theoretical Study
A-I22 Gyungsoon Park Plasma application to plant health
Laser VII [14:00-15:45], I(25min) Room: S6 in the 2nd Floor of West Building,
Chair: Ke Lan
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I26 Masakatsu Murakami Quasimonoenergetic Proton Generation for Compact Neutron Sources
L-I27 Krishnamurthy M Acceleration of neutral atoms in laser produced plasmas
L-I28 John Pasley Hydrodynamics Driven by Intense short-pulse lasers
L-O5 Baisong Xie Accelerating and guiding carbon ions in laser plasma by mechanism of breakout afterburner with a tapered channel
L-O6 Batani Dimitri Generation of high-pressures in aluminum
by femtosecond low-energy laser irradiation
Space VII [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S4 in the Club Building,
Chair: Bruce Tsurutani
Program No. Name Paper Title
S-I23 Yoshiharu Omura Generation Mechanism of Plasmaspheric Hiss and Associated Energetic Electron Dynamics
S-I24 Kun-Han Lee Generation of hydrogen, helium and oxygen cyclotron waves and harmonics by fast magnetosonic shocks in the magnetosphere and solar wind
S-I25 Zhigang Yuan Recent progress in the wave-particle interaction in the inner magnetosphere and associated M-I coupling
S-I26 Xin Tao Observational and numerical studies about frequency chirping of chorus waves in space plasmas
Solar/Astro VII [14:00-16:00], I(30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: R. Yamazaki
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I18 Jun Lin Geometric Scale and Turbulent Features of the CME/Flare Current Sheet
SA-I19 Makoto Takamoto Effects of Turbulence on Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in Poynting-Dominated Plasmas
SA-I20 Jiayong Zhong Laser driven magnetic reconnection experiments in high and low beta plasmas
SA-O13 Bo Ram Lee Simulation of magnetic reconnection in a laboratory setting using a PW-class laser at CoReLS
SA-O14 Satoshi Takeshige The compression effect of an optically-thin synchrotron radiation in the Petscheck type reconnection process
Magnetic Fusion VII-1 [14:00-16:00], OV(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: J. Q. Li
M. Walsh (MF-I60) moved to the slot of MF-OV16
Program No. Name Paper Title
Ge Zhuang The progress of CFETR Physics design
MF-OV17 Wandong Liu Overview of Keda Torus eXperiment
MF-OV18 Zhoujun Yang Overview of the Joint-Texas EXperimental tokamak
MF-OV19 Zhe Gao Some new experimental results and development in the SUNIST spherical tokamak
MF-OV20 Xuan Sun Overview of KMAX experiments
Magnetic Fusion VII-2 [14:00-16:00], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: Y. Liang
Change: MF-I46 (Weiwen Xiao) and MF-I49 (Ping Zhu) are exchanged
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I45 Jong-Kyu Park Optimization of Resonant and Non-resonant Magnetic Perturbations in KSTAR
MF-I46 Weiwen Xiao Propagation Dynamics with Resonant Magnetic Perturbations Field in H-mode Plasmas
MF-I47 Steven Sabbagh Investigation of the Generalized Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity Offset Rotation Profile in KSTAR
MF-I48 Youwen Sun Edge magnetic topology effect on ELM control using RMP
MF-I49 Ping Zhu MHD Modeling of Edge Localized Modes in Tokamaks
Magnetic Fusion VII-3 [14:00-16:00], I(25min) Room: S7 in the West Building(3rd floor),
Chair: JQ Dong
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I63 Jiansheng Hu Recent results of Li experiments in EAST with W divertor
MF-I64 Leonid Zakharov Plasma boundary as a key factor in toroidal magnetic confinement
MF-I65 Chaofeng Sang SOLPS modeling of the divertor plasma and its impact on the upstream plasma condition
MF-O29 Ming Chen Experimental observation from DIII-D of the effect of E×B shear on EHO’s structure and edge transport
MF-O30 Yifan Wu Characteristics of magnetic and electrostatic turbulence in the edge plasma of HL-2A tokamak
September 21, Afternoon Later Session [16:30-18:30]
Fundamental VIII [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S3 in the Club Building,
Chair: H. Sugama
Program No. Name Paper Title
F-I23 Ryusuke Numata Energy Partition during Magnetic Reconnection in Weakly Collisional Plasmas
F-I24 Hiroshi Tanabe Recent progress of magnetic reconnection research in high field merging experiment using 2D imaging diagnostics
F-I25 Fan Guo Nonthermal Particle Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection
F-I26 Zhiwei Ma Physical Model of Effective resistivity in collisionless magnetic reconnection
Basic VIII [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S8 in the East Building,
Chair: F. Dovei
Change: BP20 Hong Li moved to B-O14
Program No. Name Paper Title
B-I22 Akira Ando Development of a large negative hydrogen ion source operated with
radio frequency power and calculation of a photo-neutralizer
B-I23 Ming Liu Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ICRH) systems for the Keda Mirror with AXisymmetry (KMAX)
B-I24 Munan Lin A new colliding and merging field-reversed configuration (FRC) in KMAX tandem mirror
Ramesh Narayanan Detecting electron distributions in two temperature plasma using the first derivative method of the Langmuir probe I-V characteristics
Yu-Ru Zhang The electrical asymmetry effect in capacitively coupled discharges
Applied VIII [16:30-18:30], I(30min) Room: S9 in the 7th Floor of East Building,
Chair: Koichi Sasaki
Change: A-O5 (M. Shiratani) exchange with A-I25(R. Rawat)
Program No. Name Paper Title
A-I23 Hirotaka Toyoda Production of long-scale atmospheric pressure microwave plasma
A-I24 Naoki Shirai Plasma-liquid interaction induced by atmospheric pressure plasma using liquid electrode
A-I25 Rajdeep Singh Rawat Hierarchical three dimensional Nanostructured assemblies using low temperature plasmas assisted synthesis and processing for Energy Applications
A-I26 Chenggang Jin Low Temperature Magnetized Plasma for Synthesis and Functionalization of Carbon-based nanomaterials
Laser VIII [16:15-18:20], I(25min) Room: S6 in the 2nd Floor of West Building,
Chair: Hongbin Zhuo
Change: Faenov (L-I29) canceled and replace to Guang-yue HuLASER PLASMA EVOLUTION IN EXTERNAL 10T MAGNETIC FIELD
Program No. Name Paper Title
L-I29 Guang-yue Hu Laser Plasma Evolution In External 10T Mgnetic Field
L-I30 Bin Qiao Brilliant gamma-ray emission from near-critical plasma interaction with ultraintense laser pulses
L-I31 Liangliang Ji Near QED-regime of laser–plasma interaction
L-I32 Katarzyna Jakubowska Refraction Index of Shock Compressed Water in the Megabar Pressure Range
L-I33 Yongsheng Huang Laser Particle Acceleration, Radiation and Laser Nuclear Physics
Solar/Astro VIII [16:30-18:00], I(30min) Room: S2 in the Club Building,
Chair: P.F. Chen
Program No. Name Paper Title
SA-I21 Kengo Tomida Formation of Circumstellar Disks and Nonideal Magnetohydrodynamic Effects
SA-I22 De-Fu Bu Wind from black hole accretion system and its observational applications
SA-I23 Hiroyuki Takahashi Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Accretion Flows and Outflows
Magnetic Fusion VIII-1 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S1 in the Club Building,
Chair: WW Xiao
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I16 Yongkyoon In Comprehensive understanding of critical conditions near the onset of
RMP-driven ELM-crash suppression
MF-I17 Xiaolan Zou Effect of Shear Flow Oscillation and Turbulence on ELM Mitigation with SMBI in the EAST and HL-2A Tokamaks
MF-I18 Minwoo Kim Study of nonlinear ELM dynamics using both 2-D imaging data and MHD simulation in KSTAR H-mode plasma
MF-I19 Jun Cheng Observation of streamer as a trigger of ELM in HL-2A experiments
MF-I20 Li Li Toroidal modeling towards understanding of ELM mitigation and suppression by RMP fields
Magnetic Fusion VIII-2 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S5 in the West Building,
Chair: G. Zhuang
Program No. Name Paper Title
MF-I50 Yong Xiao Reverse Trend of Turbulent Transport Coefficients in Strong Gradient
Fusion Plasmas
MF-I51 Minjun J. Choi Interplay of a magnetic island, flow and temperature profiles, and turbulence
MF-I52 Timothy Stoltzfus-Dueck Parasitic Momentum Flux in the Tokamak Core
MF-O10 Boda Yuan Research of Blob Turbulence in SOL with Newly Developed Gas Puff Imaging Diagnostic on HL-2A Tokamak
MF-O11 Linming Shao Small amplitude limit-cycle oscillations in far and just before L-H transition plasmas
MF-O12 Xingting Yan Evaluation of Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity Torque Induced by Resonant Magnetic Perturbation on HL-2A

Magnetic Fusion VIII-3 [16:30-18:30], I(25min) Room: S7 in the West Building(3rd Floor),
Chair: J. Weiland
Change: MF-I2(Z. Qiu) exchanged with MF-I67(F. Wang)
Program No. Name Paper Title
  MF-I66 Jia Zhu Nonlinear simulations of toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes in the presence of tearing modes
 MF-I67 Feng Wang Passing Energetic Ions Driving Fishbone Instability in Tokamak Plasmas
 MF-I68 Matthew Hole The impact of anisotropy and plasma flow on tokamak plasma configuration and plasma stability
 MF-I69 Yi Tan Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes during Minor Disruptions in Ohmic Plasmas
 MF-O31 Shuanghui Hu Kinetically Excited Alfven Eigenmodes in Tokamaks

Poster Sessions
Poster-1: Monday 12:00 to Tuesday 18:00 at Conference Hall Building Change: BP15 Mangilal Choudhary moved to Wednesday as B-O7, BP20 Hong Li moved to B-O14 (B-VIII)
Program No. Name Paper Title
FP1 Haotian Chen On Drift Wave Instabilities Excited by Strong Plasma Gradients in Toroidal Plasmas
BP1 Zhongling Dai Accuracy control of SiO2 etching in inductively coupled CF4/Ar plasmas
BP2 Jiaqi Yang Investigation on plasma properties of Er doped TiO2 thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
BP3 Yibo Hu Experimental Research on RF Matching Characteristics in Helicon Wave Plasma Discharges
BP4 Haiyun Tan The study of negative refraction in plasma photonic crystals
BP5 Hao-Wei Hu Transient dynamics of 2D Yukawa crystal melting
BP6 Weng-Ji Chen Transient dynamics of undulation instability in self-excited dust acoustic waves
BP7 Kiyomasa Akaike Measurements of axial bounce motion of lithium ion plasmas
on BX-U linear trap
BP8 Toshiki Kato Experiments of superimposing Li+ plasma on e- plasma for producing two-fluid plasmas on BX-U liner trap
BP9 Sijo Sebastian Effect of ion pressure anisotropy on solitary waves in a multi-ion plasma
BP10 Kumar Khadka Effect of Ionization Ratio of Two Species of Positive Ions in Magnetized Plasma Sheath
BP12 Nimardeep Kaur Dust acoustic Gardner solitons in superthermal plasma with electron beam
BP13 Modhuchandra Laishram Flow characteristics of bounded self-organized dust vortex in a complex plasma
BP15 Mangilal Choudhary Experimental observation of self-excited co-rotating multiple vortices in a dusty plasma with inhomogeneous plasma background
BP16 Biswajit Bora Influence of harmonic ratio of the frequencies in the independent control of ion energy and ion flux in dual capacitively coupled radio frequency plasma
BP17 Muhammad Jamil Streaming Instability with Exchange Field in bounded Quantum Dusty Plasma
BP18 Zhang-Hu Hu Harmonic plasma waves excitation and ring structure formation of intense ion beams in plasmas
BP19 Wen-Zhu Jia Fluid simulation of RF capacitively coupled SiH4/N2/O2 and SiH4 dusty plasmas
BP20 Hong Li Investigation of electron kinetics in radio-frequency two-chamber inductively coupled plasmas with hydrogen discharges
BP21 Hari Khatri Study of the effects of magnetic field in a collisionless plasma pre-sheath using kinetic trajectory simulation (KTS) model.
BP22 Md. Golam Hafez Interactions of positron acoustic solitary waves and phase shifts in multi-component plasma
AP1 Li Lei The MPM model for the Simulation of ECR Ion Source
AP2 Ying Li Investigate the apoptotic mechanism of melanoma induced by non-thermal atmospheric pressure
boi-compatible plasma activated media
AP3 Pan Xu Influence of Cross-wind on Pantograph-Catenary Arc
AP4 Yali Chen A H-plane coupling high power microwave synthesizer
AP5 Wenbo Chen Numerical simulation of tungsten particle trajectory and heating process in radio frequency thermal plasma spheroidization
AP6 Min Dan Research on Improving the wettability of CFC by Using Multi-Arc Ion Plating
AP7 Lunjiang Chen Investigation of the features of inductively coupled thermal plasma jets
AP8 Rajendra Shrestha Surface Modification of Polypropylene by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet in Argon/Oxygen
LP1 Punit Kumar Effect of Dust Grains on Ponderomotive Acceleration in Quantum Dusty Magnetoplasma
LP2 Abha Kanik Study of heating profile and emission current density of CeB6 material used as Laser Heated Emissive Probe in plasma.
LP3 Xiaohu Yang Control of fast electron propagation in foam target by doping high-Z elements
SP2 R. K. Chhajlani Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in magnetized incompressible dusty fluids
SP3 Shenglong Guo Fully Electromagnetic PIC/MCC Simulation of Discharge in the Ion Thruster
SP4 Yashika Ghai Dust acoustic shock waves in magnetized dusty plasma
SP5 Safi Ullah Case study of simultaneous observation of PMSE overshoot carried out by China with VHF and UHF radars
SP6 Bo Li Gyrokinetic Electrostatic Simulations of Drift Modes in Dipole Configuration
SP7 Shichen Bai Solar wind entry and magnetic structures observed in the magnetosphere
SAP1 Shaolan Bi Modeling Solar Cycle Related Variation Inside the Sun
SAP2 Dong Li Observations of solar flares with IRIS and SDO
SAP3 Liyue Zhang Two-dimensional Numerical Simulations of Large-amplitude Longitudinal Oscillations
MFP1 Chengzhi Cao Initial studies of HL-2M divertor operation under consideration of the effects from pumping
MFP2 Yan Zhou Progress of the Polarimeter/Interferometer System on HL-2A
MFP3 Yuan Xu Real-time determination of magnetic island localization on HL-2A
MFP4 Jingchun Li Influence of electron cyclotron current drive on resistive tearing modes in HL-2A tokamak
MFP5 Jiaxian Li Snowflake divertor discharge simulation on HL-2M
MFP6 Yipo Zhang ELM control by LBO-seeded impurity in the HL-2A tokamak
MFP7 Shaoyong Liang ELM mitigation with n = 1 perturbation fields on the HL-2A tokamak
MFP8 Jinming Gao Observation of relativistic runaway electrons with a wide-angle infrared periscope system in HL-2A
MFP9 Jianyong Cao Design of Test experimental negative Ion source for HL-2M
MFP10 Huiling Wei Experimental Studies In The Ion Source Of 5MW Neutral Beamline For HL-2M Tokamak
MFP11 He Wang Real-time power measurement of ECRH on HL-2A
MFP12 Dianlin Zheng Development of VUV spectroscopy using modified Seya-Namioka monochromator and CEM detector in the HL-2A tokamak
Poster-2 Wednesday 12:00 to Thursday 18:00 at Conference Hall Building
Program No. Name Paper Title
MFP13 Mao Wang Power modulation system of Lower Hybrid Wave on EAST
MFP14 Muquan Wu Transport analysis of EAST long-pulse H-mode discharge
with Integrated Modeling
MFP15 Xinjun Zhang Studies of The ICRH Antenna coupling on EAST
MFP16 Wei Shen Hybrid simulation of fishbone instabilities in the EAST tokamak
MFP17 Yingfeng Xu Loss and redistribution of energetic ions induced by resonant magnetic perturbations for EAST-like tokamak
MFP18 Bojiang Ding Studies of Lower Hybrid Current Drive towards Long-pulse Plasma with High Performance in EAST
MFP19 Guojiang Wu Experimental observations of the turbulence correlation and transport in the EAST superconducting tokamak
MFP20 Nan Chu Observation of Alfven eigenmodes triggered by static resonant magnetic
perturbations in EAST ohmic heating plasma
MFP21 Bo Shi Disruptive Heat load Simulation using TSC on EAST
MFP22 Jun Chen Observation and characterization of electron cyclotron wave’s effect on toroidal rotation in EAST L-mode discharges
MFP23 Dong-Rui Zhang The Simulation on Plasma Physics of EAST Tokamak with BOUT++ Code
MFP24 Yongliang Li Upgrade of Multi-energy soft x-ray diagnostic and measurements of ELMs in the EAST tokamak
MFP25 SHI Yuejiang Intrinsic rotation reversal, non-local transport, and turbulence transition in KSTAR L-mode plasma
MFP26 Jae Sun Park Analysis of KSTAR SOL power and momentum loss using SOLPS and Two-point formatting equation
MFP27 Guosheng Xu Understanding the L-H Transition in Tokamak Fusion Plasmas
MFP28 Haibo Sang Reversed rotation of limit cycle oscillation and dynamics of
low-intermediate-high transition
MFP29 Huidong Li Zonal Flow Induced by Energetic Particles in Tokamak
MFP30 Wang Li Particle simulation of plasma polarization and correlation effects in the transport of alpha particles
MFP31 Jiquan Li Gyrokinetic simulation study on the role of 3-dimensional helical magnetic island in tokamak toroidal ITG modes
MFP32 Minjun Choi Electron thermal fluctuation and transport in the ITB and L-mode plasmas
MFP33 Haijun Ren Finite-orbit-width effects on the geodesic acoustic mode in the toroidally rotating tokamak plasma
MFP34 Yulin Zhou Investigation of Neutral Penetration Depths Variation with Fueling Intensities of SMBI
MFP35 Nandini Yadav A code for Simulating the Hydrogen Balmer-α Spectral Line Shape from Magnetic Fusion Devices
MFP36 Wanpeng Hu 1D particle simulation of plasma transport in Scrape-off layer
MFP37 Jun Ma Simulating Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities with Conservative Perturbed MHD Model
MFP38 Dunqiang Chen Particle Transport Induced by Magnetic Perturbation Including the Drift-Orbit Effect in Tokamak
MFP39 Jinhong Yang Scattering Spectrum from magnetic island separatrix in Tokamak
MFP40 Siqiang Zhu A New Numerical Method to Compute the Transport Coefficient and its application to the particle transport of low-n MHD modes in Tokamak
MFP41 Hui Wang Numerical simulation of particle dynamics in the electron current layer in collisionless magnetic island
MFP42 Feng Wang Reduction of bootstrap current contribution to NTM evolution
MFP43 Guanqi Dong Stability of ideal and non-ideal edge localized
infernal mode
MFP44 Neng Zhang Modeling of toroidal torques exerted by internal kink instability in a tokamak plasma
MFP45 Shuo Wang Toroidal modelling of RWM feedback in the presence of control
voltage saturation and sensor noise
MFP46 Peng Zhao Boron Carbide Coating on Tungsten By Inductively Coupled Plasma Thermal Spraying
MFP47 Lin Nie Experimental evaluation of Langmuir probe sheath potential coefficient
John Howard Optical coherence imaging for the study of plasma instabilities and other structures
MFP49 Lingfeng Wei The neutron flux monitor system design based on high-speed sampling
MFP50 Jing Ou Dust charging and levitating in a sheath of plasma containing energetic particles
MFP51 Jiao Peng Preparation and sputtering resistant property of nanocrystalline molybdenum films for first mirrors
MFP52 Takayuki Okamoto A Method of Equilibrium Reconstruction in an RFP on the basis of Gradient-Based Optimization
MFP53 Guozhang Jia Effects of drifts and parallel current on divertor asymmetries
MFP54 Lei Chang Modeling the gap eigenmode of shear Alfven waves on the LAPD
MFP55 Yahui Wang Simulation of the fusion alpha density profile in CFETR
MFP56 Yiren Zhu Exploring ELM-free operation for CFETR
MFP57 Debabrata Banerjee Ideal MHD Stability Analysis of CFETR Design Scenarios using NIMROD
MFP58 Rakesh Tanna Plasma Production and Preliminary Results from ADITYA Upgrade Tokamak
MFP59 Harshita Raj Gas puff induced runaway electron bursts in ADITYA-U tokamak
MFP60 Vaibhav Ranjan Estimation of Mutual Inductances and Measurement of Reflected Voltage for designing a Power Supply for Shaped Plasma Operation in Aditya-U Tokamak
MFP61 Minsha Shah Trigger and Timing Control System Using FPGA and MicroBlaze Soft Processor for Plasma Operations of Aditya-U Tokamak
MFP62 Praveenlal Edappala Real-time Control of Gas-Feed Pulses to Reduce Wall Loading of Fuel Gas in Aditya-Upgrade Tokamak
MFP63 Praveena Kumari Implementation of Drift-Free Integrator for Tokomaks
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