AAPPS-DPP2021 as on-line Conference
  5th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics
  26. September - 1, October, 2021

   Division of Plasma Physics,  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

I forgot my DPP member ID.
How can I get it?

Ask DPP secretary Yong Liu
<aapps.dpp@gmail.com> to get it.
Where is the entrance of My Page ? https://www.gakkai-web.net/p/aappsdpp

I forgot registration number and passcode
log-in to My Page.
How can I get it?

You got registration number and passcode by
e-mail from the system when you registered.
Check your e-mail.
How can I join the Poster Session? Visit "Note on Poster Session" page.

How can I ask questions to presenter
in the Poster Session?

Visit "Note on Poster Session" page.
 Can I practice my Presentation ?
Yes, you can. Visit My Page.
Then, you will find information of Rehearsal Room.

If I feel my presentation doesn’t go smoothly
because of the network problem,
what should I do ?
There are cases where you have to deal with it in advance, and there are cases where it becomes impossible during the lecture.
Please refer to pages 1 and 2 of the manual as the correspondence is different for each.
I am a speaker.
By when should I enter the room? 
Please make sure to enter the meeting room
at least 20 minutes prior to the starting time.
Refer to pages 8 of the manual .
Procedure afer entering the ZOOM Room seems
something complicated.
Is there any explanation that shows the procedure?
You will find the answer in
AAPPS-DPP2021 e-conference Manual
– Speaker and Poster Presenter–
 What is the consumption tax
on the registration fee 

1) No tax is levied on members.
2) For non-members, the price includes
  consumption tax.

 Division of Plasma Physics(AAPPS-DPP) 
  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies
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