AAPPS-DPP2021 as on-line Conference
  5th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics
  26. September - 1, October, 2021

   Division of Plasma Physics,  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies

The Organizing Committee of AAPPS-DPP2021 greatly acknowledges the Sponsors and Advertisers

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   The Medal of
2021 S. Chandrasekhar Prize of plasma physics
   is sponsored by
IPR (Institute for Plasma Research) 

   Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
   APCTP paid a honoralium for the speaker.

   融会  核融合科学研究会
   U40 Young Researcher Award is partially sponsored by YU-KWAI 

   IFE Forum
   U30 Doctoral Scientist/Student Award(U30) is sponsored
    by IFE Forum.

   ケニックス株式会社  Kenix Co., Ltd  http://www.kenix.jp/                               

   SPPテクノロジーズ株式会社  SPP Technologies Co., Ltd

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