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         5th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics
         26. September - 1, October, 2021

            Division of Plasma Physics,  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies

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  Code  Presenter   Title
1 F-P1  Ryo Shigesada 
Hiroshima University 
 Radiation Trapping of He Ⅰ Resonance Line in
 Helium Arc Jet Plasmas
2 F-P2  Toru Tsujimura 
National Institute for Fusion Science 
  Propagation properties of an optical vortex in an electron
 cyclotron range of frequencies in magnetized plasmas 
3 F-P3  Rupak Mukherjee
Princeton Plasma Physics
 Adiabatic Ott-Antonsen theory for amplitude mediated
 metastable systems 
4 F-P4   Moe Akimitsu
The University of Tokyo 
Hiroshima University 
 Evaluation of Optical Thickness in He Cascade Arc Plasmas
 Using VUV Emission Spectroscopy
   F-P6  Min Sang Cho
Gwangju Institute of Science
  and Technology
 Analysis on the FLYCHK Opacity of Plasmas
 in a Broad Range of Temperature and Density 
7  B-P1   Ayan Adhikari
Institute for Plasma Research
 Evolution of Plasma in the Influence of Varying Ratio of
 Transverse to Ambient Magnetic Field of LVPD-Upgrade
8  B-P2   Swati
Institute for Plasma Research 
 Plasma characteristics of partially magnetized cylindrical
 CCRF discharge
9  B-P3   Pawandeep Singh
Institute for Plasma Research 
 Plasma potential dependence on local density and
 temperature across the magnetic field in a CCRF
10  B-P4   Kohei Abe
Kyushu University 
 Suppression of nanoparticle growth in TEOS plasma
 by amplitude modulation discharge method 
 11   B-P6
 Haruka Yamaguchi
 The University of Tokyo
 Development of single-filter polychromator for
 cost-effective Thomson scattering system
 12  B-P7  Snehlata Aggarwal
Institute for plasma research 
 Time-of-flight low-energy analyzer for Aditya-U
 13  B-P8    Sachin Kaothekar
Department of Physics, PITS Ujjain 
  Self-gravitational Instability of Dusty Plasma with
 Radiative Cooling Functions and Dust charge
 Fluctuation with Dust Temperature
 14  B-P9  Pinak Mandal
 Study of electron acoustic shock fronts and solitary
 profiles in a semi-classical Plasma
 15   B-P10  Jitendra Kumar Chawla jkc
Government College Tonk,
 Ion-acoustic waves in unmagnetised plasmas with
 positrons and hot and cold superthermal electrons
 16  B-P11  Prakash Chand Singhadiya
Government College Kaladera 
 Effect of nonthermal electrons and negative ions on
 ion-acoustic compressive and rarefactive double
 layers in magnetized plasma
 17  B-P12   Suredra Kumar Jain skj
Government College Dholpur 
 Ion-acoustic double layers in magnetized plasmas
 with superthermal electrons and positrons
 18  B-P13   kishan Kumar kumar
University of Rajasthan 
 Large amplitude ion-acoustic solitary waves in
 degenerate relativistic quantum plasmas with
 warm and cold ions
 19   B-P14  Lei Chang
Institute of Plasma Phyiscs, HFIPS 
 Concept of SUb-atmospheric Radio-frequency Engine
 (SURE) for Near-Space Environment
 20  A-P1   Kazuho Hatta
Hiroshima University 
 High-Density Sheet Plasma for Versatile Applications of
 Plasma Window
 21  A-P2  Rikizo Hatakeyama
Tohoku University  
 Significant Superiority of Plasma CVD in Cloning
 Growth of Carbon Nanotubes 
 22  A-P3  Deepika Behmani
Indian Institute of Technology
 Investigation on spatial asymmetry and fluctuations
 in electric field inside a helium atmospheric pressure
 plasma jet 
 23   A-P4   Ohsji Yanagi
Hiroshima University 
 Significant high-viscous Ar plasma generation for application
 of electron beam welding in atmosphere
 24   A-P5   Kalyani Barmani
Indian Institute of Technology
 Effect of Transverse Magnetic field on Atmospheric Pressure
 Plasma Jet: Experimental and Modeling Results
 25   A-P6  Yuta Sanada
Hiroshima University 
 Miniaturization for practical application of plasma
 26  A-P7   Masato Sumino
  Hiroshima University 
 Stationary He arc discharge apparatus using an
 indirectly heated LaB6 hollow cathode electron
 27  A-P8   Shabbir Ahmad Khan
  National Centre for Physics,
 Full wave analysis of THz wave propagation and realization of
 a novel robotic-THz imaging system for arbitrary shaped
 28 A-P9  Veda Prakas G
Indian Institute of Technology
  Experimental studies on cold atmospheric pressure argon
 plasma jet as a tool for antibacterial activity
  29   A-P10   Tomohiro Ogasawara
Nagoya University 
 Large-Area Ashing Treatment of Polyimide Film by
 Atmospheric-pressure Pulsed Microwave Line Plasma
 with Ar/O2
  30  A-P11  Gi-ichiro Uchida
Meijo University 
 Fabrication of nanostructured Ge films by He plasma
 31  A-P12   Hong Chun Lee
University of Malaysia 
 Evaluating the Performance of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster
 Discharged at Low Energies
 32  A-P13   Hiral B. Joshi
Institute for Plasma Research 
 Radar cross-section reduction of a metallic target using
 plasma-based microwave absorber 
  33  L-P1  Hikari Ohiro
Hiroshima University 
 Construction of a magnetic bottle electron
 spectrometer for electron energy measurement
 in x-ray and gas interaction
  34 L-P2  Jiahao Wang
Hiroshima University
 Measurement of soft X-ray emission from
 laser-irradiated gold foils
  35  L-P3  Tatiana Pikuz
Osaka University 
 Observation of induced transparency in relativistic
 laser-produced plasma created by two-side solid
 target irradiation
  36   L-P4   Swastik Ballav
Integrated student of Indian
  Institute of Technology
 Collision of Acoustic Multi-Soliton and
 Soliton-Breather in Magnetized Dusty Plasma
  37   L-P5  Sachin Chintalwadi
Indian institute of technology
 photon energy inhsn
  38   L-P6   Hyung Seon Song
 Novel optical media with adjustable spectra
 and polarization based on the magnetized
 plasma dipole oscillation
 39  L-P7    Santhosh Krishnamurthy
Indian Institute of Technology 
 Two bunch proton acceleration from intense laser
  solid interaction
 40  L-P8  Sachin Chintalwad
Indian Institue of Technology
 Photon emission enhancement studies from the
 interaction of ultra-intense laser pulse
 with shaped targets.
 Quantum radiation reaction in strong laser plasma
  42  L-P10  Oriza Kamboj
Lovely Professional University 
 Suppression of stimulated forward Raman scattering
 by static density fluctuations in the presence of
 magnetic field in ICF scheme
 43   SG-P1  Rupinder Kaur
  Guru Nanak Dev University
  Effect of ion beam on evolution of ion acoustic
 nonlinear structures in a weakly relativistic
 magnetized plasma 
 44  SG-P2   Zeyu An
  University of Science and
  Technology of China
  Properties of Chorus Waves Could Suppress Nonlinear
 Wave-Particle Interactions 
 45  SG-P3  Yin Liu
kyoto University 
 Electromagnetic particle simulation of whistler-mode hiss
 emissions in the Earth's plasmasphere
 46   SG-P4  Suman Dey
  Visva-Bharati University 
 Unveiling a Cosmic Enigma from Recent Detection: Coherent
 Radio Emission Mechanisms from Relativistic Plasma and
 Electrodynamics of Neutron Star
 47   SA-P1   Suniti Saharan
  Doon University
  Low ionosphere response to the solar flares occurred
  during the peak of solar cycle 24 
 48  SA-P2  Taichi Igarashi
  Chiba University
 Oscillations of the Soft X-ray Emitting Region of AGN
 Accretion Disks.
 49  SA-P3
 Manveet Kaur
 Interaction between ion acoustic solitons in a
 quantum plasma with degenerate spin up and
 down electrons
 50  SA-P4   Rajneet Kaur
 Role of Higher Order Effects on Kinetic Alfvén Solitary
 51   MF-P1   Rivas Reguera Jose Carlos
Seoul National University
 A combined 0D-1.5D approach for efficient prediction of
 K-DEMO plasma scenarios 
 52   MF-P2   Sharvil Patel
Pandit Deendayal Energy University
 Study of sawtooth induced heat pulse propagation
 in ADITYA tokamak
 53   MF-P3  Shizhao Wei
  Zhejiang University 
  Nonlinear reversed shear Alfvén eigenmode saturation due
  to spontaneous zonal current generation 
54  MF-P4   Feiyue Mao
Huazhong University of Science and
 The research of plasma response to RMP on J-TEXT  
55  MF-P5   Jingchun Li
 Gyrokinetic simulations of double tearing modes in toroidal
 56   MF-P6
  Shuanghui Hu
Guizhou University
 Alfvén Activities Kinetically Excited in Burning Plasmas
 57   MF-P7   Takeru Inoue
Kyoto Institute of Technology
 Finite element analysis of support structures attached to
 RELAX machine for producing not only reversed field pinch
 but also tokamak
 58   MF-P8   Haijun Ren
University of Science and
  Technology of China
 The global geodesic acoustic mode in the ideal
 59   MF-P9   Yusai Masamoto
Tottori University
 Optimization of density and temperature profiles
 with internal transport barrier for tokamak DEMO reactor
 including ion diamagnetic drift effects 
 60  MF-P10   Stanley Kaye
  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
 The NSTX-U Research Program
 61  MF-P11   Zhengkang Ren
Huazhong University of Science and
 Optimization of RMP Spectrum on J-TEXT 
 62   MF-P12   Donguk Kim
 Uncertainty Quantification for gyrokinetic validation study
 63   MF-P13   Shota Ito 
 The University of Tokyo
 2D MHD simulation of ST formation and merging for
 maximization of reconnection heating energy
 64   MF-P14  Suman Dolui
Institute for plasma research
 Interaction of power supply generated 10 kHz
 frequency with the drift tearing mode
 65   MF-P15   Nandini Yadava
Nirma University
 Global Particle Balance and Recycling Properties in Aditya-U
 Tokamak Plasmas
 66  MF-P16  Ting Wu
Southwestern Institute of Physics 
 Impurity transport and turbulent transport under
 detachment with closed divertor on HL-2A 
 67  MF-P17   Shrish Raj
 Institute for Plasma Research
 Effect of 'g' on impurity ion dynamics in tokamak plasma 
 68   MF-P18   Vijay Shankar
  Institute for plasma Research
 Simulation of electrode biasing in the edge and scrape-off
 layer regions of a Tokamak 
 69   MF-P19   Feng-Jen Chang
University of California San Diegos
 Rough-surface effect on sputtering of Cr bombarded by
 low-energy He plasma 
 70  MF-P20   Kaushlender Singh
 Institute For Plasma Research
 Gas Puff Induced Variations of Poloidal Electric Field in Edge
 Plasma of ADITYA-U Tokamak
 71  MF-P21  Ookjoo Ra
Ulsan National Institute of Science
  and Technology
 Noticeable reduction of heat on the SAS-like divertors
 in large scale Tokamaks
 72   MF-P22
 Nilam Ramaiya
Institute for Plasma Research  
 Near-infrared spectroscopic system on ADITYA-U tokamak
 73  MF-P23  Changrae Seon
Korea Institute of Fusion Energy  
 Design status of ITER VUV spectrometer development and
 the prototype R&D in KSTAR tokamak
 74  CD-P1   Tara Ahmadi
The University of Tokyo
 2D Hall-MHD investigation of spherical tokamak formation
 and merging by using the induction of a pair of
 internal PF coils

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