AAPPS-DPP2021 as on-line Conference
  5th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics
  26. September - 1, October, 2021

   Division of Plasma Physics,  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies

Web-site for Registration and Registration Fee Payment
has been opened.
Please visit and registrate right away.

 Registration Fee Category
 It is different between participants with and w/o presentation for DPP members
 (including endorsed and recognizing societies) as shown in the following Table.
 DPP members with presentation in East Asian, ASEAN and Australian areas
 (who can join full real-time e-conference during nearly working time and evening) 
 DPP Members in other area (US, Countries in Central and South America, EU, India,
 Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.) where it is not possible to join full real-time
 e-conference during working time and evening.

 DPP members without presentation
 Non-member :            
 Non-member student           

    Table of Registration Fee
  DPP and endorsed/recognizing Society Member
with Presentation 
DPP Student/
Retired with
DPP and endorsed/recognizing Society Member
without Presentation 
East Asia 
200 $  100 $   50 $  300 $
150 $ 
 100 $ 50 $   50 $ 300 $
150 $
 100 $ 50 $   50 $ 300 $
150 $

Registration (fee payment) site is
Registration fee is changed to rounded JPY as follows.
100USD-> 10,000 JPY(200USD->20,000JPY, etc.).
So it is slightly reduced.

Free participant recommended by paid speaker:
AAPPS-DPP decided to allow each paid speaker can nominate one additional researcher
for free access to the AAPPS-DPP2021 e-conference during the conference period.
When you login to the payment site, system will ask you to nominate
ONE (free access) participant.
If you are paid speaker, we will allow this person (hopefully well-behaved researcher)
free access to the Zoom conference

 Division of Plasma Physics(AAPPS-DPP) 
  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies
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