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  5th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics
  26. September - 1, October, 2021

   Division of Plasma Physics,  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies

Prize and Awards

  We have following AAPPS-DPP prizes and awards in 2021.

1.  2021 S. Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics:

Taik Soo Hahm

   For his outstanding contribution to the understanding of turbulence
   and confinement physics in tokamak plasmas, i.e., notably, flow shearing
   effects and non-local transport processes, as well as to the pioneering
   development of modern nonlinear gyrokinetic theories


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2. 2021 AAPPS-DPP Plasma Innovation Prize

Anthony (Tony) Bruce Murphy

   For his outstanding contributions to research and development in
   computational modelling of thermal plasmas, in particular, for critical
   contributions to the world’s first commercial plasma waste treatment
   process - PLASCON; for development of arc welding software
   – ArcWeld - that has been transferred to automotive and rail
   manufacturers; and for calculation of thermophysical properties,
   including a new treatment of diffusion, of thermal plasmas that
   have been adopted internationally in computational models of industrial
    plasma processes.

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3. 2021 AAPPS-DPP Young Researcher Award (U40)

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Selection committee:
Chairman: Prof. Taik Soo Hahm (Seoul National University)
Members: Prof. Yasuhiko Sentoku(Osaka University)

Prof. Fred Skiff (University of Iowa)

Prof. Hartmut Zohm (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)

Prof. Jiajun Shi (Donghua University)
Prof. Gurbax Lakhina (Indian Institute of Geomagnetism)
Hiroshi Tanabe For his unique experimental contribution to advanced imaging diagnostics, laboratory experiments of magnetic reconnection and their applications for fusion plasma heating.
Mingu Yoo For his pioneering work in discovering the fundamental mechanisms of ohmic breakdown phenomena in tokamaks by considering the self-induced electric field, which has profound practical implications for the design strategy of plasma start-up scenarios for future tokamaks such as ITER and beyond.
Sanghoo Park For his excellent work on weakly-ionized plasma science, particularly on the basic physics of the electrohydrodynamic (EHD) flow naturally produced in weakly-ionized collisional plasmas, and its stabilizing effect on plasma-liquid interface.
Tong-Pu Yu For his outstanding achievements in exploring physics in extremely intense laser-plasma interactions for novel applications e.g., brilliant X/gamma radiation, QED plasma generation, and particle acceleration.
Meng Zhou For his significant contribution to the understanding of the role of plasma waves in magnetic reconnection process, electron-scale physics in coalescing magnetic flux ropes, kinetic properties of dipolarization fronts, and magnetospheric substorms
Xin Cheng For his significant contribution to the understanding of the origin and early evolution of solar coronal mass ejections, turbulent magnetic reconnection in flaring current sheets, and space weather physics
Siye Ding For his fundamental contributions to the understanding and experimental development of advanced tokamak scenarios towards a steady state fusion reactor, and for elucidating, through integrated simulations, the synergism between internal transport barrier and divertor detachment in the high poloidal beta plasmas

4. 2021 AAPPS-DPP U30 Doctoral Scientist/Student Award(U30)

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Selection committee:
Chairman: Em. Prof. Kunioki Mima (Osaka University)
Members: Prof. Arnab Rai Choudhuri (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Prof. Zheng Ming Sheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Prof. Yongkyoon In (UNIST)
Prof. Hantao Ji (Princeton University)
Prof. Yasuaki Kishimoto (Kyoto University)

Guanqi Dong For his significant contribution for the deep physics understanding of the critical element toward the ELM-free H-mode operations of tokamak
Honghong Wu For the significant contribution on plasma physics by discovering low-frequency sweeping process in the slow solar wind with the measurement of Parker Solar Probe
Munehito Shoda For his significant contribution on the role of the Alfven wave turbulence for the acceleration and heating of the fast solar wind
Riddhi Bandyopadhyay For his significant contribution on the finite dissipation in anisotropic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
Kento Katagiri For his contribution on understanding warm dense matter by the work on shock response of full density nano-polycrystalline diamond
Sang Kyeun Kim For the Improvement of a non-linear 3D MHD code and the applications to the KSTAR tokamak experiments on the 3D field and non-linear MHD mode coupling

5. AAPPS-DPP 2021 Poster Prize:

Selection committee chair: Abhijit Sen  

Swati Dahiya
Plasma characteristics of partially magnetized cylindrical CCRF discharge  
Kalyani Barmani 
Effect of Transverse Magnetic field on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet: Experimental
and Modeling Results 
M. Sumino
Stationary He arc discharge apparatus using an indirectly heated LaB6 hollow cathode electron emitter 
Tatiana Pikuz 
Observation of induced transparency in relativistic laser-produced plasma created by
two-side solid target irradiation 
Shrish Raj 
Effect of 'g' on impurity ion dynamics in tokamak plasma  
F.J. Chang 
Rough-surface effect on sputtering of Cr bombarded by low-energy He plasma 
F.Y. Mao 
The research of plasma response to RMP on J-TEXT 
Min Sang Cho
Analysis on the FLYCHK Opacity of Plasmas
in a Broad Range of Temperature and Density   
Yin Liu
Electromagnetic particle simulation of whistler-mode hiss
emissions in the Earth's plasmasphere  


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