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Baonian Wan,
AAPPS-DPP 2022, the 5th Conference of the Division of Plasma Physics of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies, will be held on October 9-14, 2022. AAPPS-DPP brings together plasma scientists, engineers, and students from around the globe to share ideas and exchange information on the cutting edge of plasma science and technology.
AAPPS-DPP 2022 will be held again online using Zoom system supported by Chiba University. The online e-conference in 2020 was organized very successfully for the first time. AAPPS-DPP 2021 online e-conference hosted by Kyushu University was great success with the support from 1109 participants including 649 presenters. The experiences from precious conferences will give us great confidence that the conference in 2022 will continue to be a vibrant environment for the exchange of ideas.
It is our sincere hope that all participants will actively share the latest developments and pending issues in the field of plasma physics. We look forward to your participation and scientific contribution to make AAPPS-DPP 2022 a great success!
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Mitsuru Kikuchi,
AAPPS-DPP Representative Director and CEO
Division of Plasma Physics under AAPPS (AAPPS-DPP) is established in 2014 and started its annual conference from 2017 (1st Chengdu, 450 participants), 2018 (2nd Kanazawa, 682 participants), 2019 (3rd Hefei, 392 participants), 2020 (4th, e-conference, 930 participants), 2021)5th, e-conference, 1109 participants). Operation of annual conference is always challenging due to difference in regulations among different countries and COVID-19 but provide exciting opportunities for our society. Feedbacks from our members are quite helpful to improve and increases productivity of our annual conferences including exchange of informations, recognizing outstanding works by DPP awards, invitation to our official journal, RMPP. We will do out best efforts in coming months to provide you a productive conference world wide.
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Ryoji Matsumoto,
AAPPS-DPP Vice Chair (Zoom team host)
It is our pleasure to invite you to AAPPS-DPP 2022,the 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics to be held as a fully online conference. Chiba University will host the Zoom team.Chiba city is the place where the formation of the division of plasma physics was promoted at the 12th Asian Pacific Physics Conference (APPC12)held at Makuhari, Chiba, Japan in 2013. Although we cannot have an onsite conference at Chiba this year, we hope that AAPPS-DPP 2022 will be a good opportunity to exchange our latest knowledge and further advance plasma physics.
Zoom team host: Prof. R. Matsumoto, Y. Matsumoto and key members in Tokyo area with advisory from Prof. Koga [Kyushu Univ.]