AAPPS-DPP Annual conferences

AAPPS-DPP held 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics during 18-23, September 2017 in Chengdu, China successfully. Conference site is here
The 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2018 in short) was held during 12-17, November 2018 in Kanazaw, Japan. Conference site is here
The 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2019) was held during 4-8, November 2019 in Hefei, China. Conference site is here
The 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2020) during 26-31, October 2020 as e-conference because of COVID-19. Conference site is here
The 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2021) during 26 September-October 2021 as e-conference. Conference site is here

These conferences are annual plasma physics conference in Asia-Pacific region, similar to the APS-DPP and EPS-DPP conferences on plasma physics.

Prize and Awards

2022 S. Chandrasekhar Prize, Innovation Prize, AAPPS-DPP Young Research Award (U40), AAPPS-DPP U30 Doctoral Scientist/Student Ward, and AAPPS-DPP 2021 Poster Prize will be selected similar to previous year.


From this year, we abandoned endorsement/regignization requests related societies whie we keep in touch with those societies. Participants who wish reduced registration fee can select "Join DPP" for the registration. We do not charge membership fee but will receive e-mails from CEO.

Notice regarding consumption tax of registration fee
1) No tax is levied on members
2) For non-members, the price includes consumption tax

  1. Scope of the AAPPS-DPP2022
    AAPPS-DPP2022 is a plasma physics conference under the authority of AAPPS-DPP for scientific discussions on plasma physics. This conference should be physics oriented and provide interdisciplinary and in-depth discussions among and in various fields of plasma physics and application.
  2. Organization
    AAPPS-DPP (http://aappsdpp.org/AAPPSDPPF/) is the organizing body of this conference.
    AAPPS-DPP is a division under AAPPS and is registered as legal entity in Japan (see:http://aappsdpp.org/DPPhoujin/index.html) , which follows Japanese government laws.
  3. Become a sponsor: AAPPS-DPP2022 sponsorship
    There are a number of packages available for the AAPPS-DPP2022 sponsorship.
    As a sponsor, your company name and /or logo will be displayeed on the congress website.
  4. Disclaimer
    The attendance of AAPPS-DPP2022 e-conference is at own risk. While the organizers will make every effort to
    conduct this conference according to the announced schedule, unlikely, unforeseen circumstances may result
    in change of the schedule or cancelation of the conference. These changes will be posted at the conference
    website. No liability is assumed for inaccuracy, misdescription, delay, damage, and loss.