Program overview

Program time is based on Japan time for AAPPSDPP2022 e-conference. However, participants are expected to join the conference from various places in the world including Australia, China, Korea, ASEAN, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, EU countries, UK, Brazil, US. The e-conference runs from Sunday (Oct. 9) to Friday (Oct. 14) as shown in Table 1.


AAPPS-DPP General Assembly (Oct. 9(Sun))
AAPPS-DPP general assembly will be held to appoint new Member of Board of Directors, Auditor and approval of budget balance. Activity reports will also be given at the assembly.
RMPP Chief/Associate/Guest Editor Meeting (Oct. 9(Sun)):
RMPP Editor meeting will be held to review status and discuss future plan.
Opening session (Oct. 10 (Mon)): The Opening session will be of 90 minutes duration and include opening addresses, and introduction of AAPPS-DPP Prize and Award winners such as S. Chandrasekhar Prize, Plasma Innovation Prize, U40 and U30 awards.
Plenary Talk: A plenary talk will be of 30 minutes duration including a one-minute introduction by the session chair and 4 minutes of discussion. It is planned to have a total of 39 plenary talks distributed among three time zones so that we can accommodate outstanding talks from all over the world. Plenary talks should be pitched for a general audience of plasma physicists and not towards specialists of a particular sub-field. Therefore, speakers should provide some tutorial content in the beginning and minimize using jargon specific to one’s own field of expertise. The scientific contents of the talk should also be limited to a few outstanding works.
Topical sessions: Topical sessions are distributed among 9 sub-disciplines; Cross Disciplinary (Self-organization ) (CD), Fundamental (F), Basic (B), Applied (A), Laser (L), Space/Geomagnetism (SG), Solar/Astro (SA), Magnetic Fusion 1(core plasma) (MF1), Magnetic Fusion 2 (edge/divertor) (MF2).
Topical Plenary Talk: Each subdiscipline may have a topical plenary talk of 40 minutes duration including a one-minute introduction by the session chair and 5 minutes of discussion. Topical plenary talks may be either in a single discipline (CD, F, B, A, L) or in joint sessions (SA+SG, MF1+MF2). The speaker can assume that the audience is aware of the key words in the common fields.
Invited talk: An invited talk is of 30 minutes duration including a one-minute introduction by the session chair and 4 minutes of discussion. The speakers are advised not to use crowded viewgraphs with so much information that there is no time to effectively describe it all.
Oral talk: An oral talk will be of 15 minutes duration including 3 minutes for an introduction by the session chair and some discussions.
Poster presentation: A Poster Web site will be available. Poster presenter will upload a pre-recorded brief overview video of the poster within 3 minutes duration (<100Mb) in addition to One-page poster. Participants can access a poster and recorded 3 minutes summary video by clicking on the poster ID. The audience can also input questions and comments on a poster. An email will then be automatically generated and sent to the presenter. The presenter is expected to post a reply by the end of the day.
Plenary and invited speakers can be nominated by any plasma physicists and is not limited to AAPPS-DPP members. Based on competitive nominations, plenary and invited speakers will be selected from nominations of plenary and invited speakers. Oral and poster presentations will be selected from contributed abstract submissions by each sub-disciplinary Program Committee.