On-line conference

Zoom Meeting will be used for all sessions. Manuals will be prepared for Presenter, Chairs, Chair-support, Audience similar to AAPPS-DPP2020, 2021.
Network: Connect to stable network. If not, application may be terminated. If you had network problem last year, please prepare way to improve your network.
Before conference: Please download Zoom application. If you use Web browser for Zoom, use Google Chrome.
Conference Web access: Conference site is accessible through “My Page” created for registered participants.
During presentation: Session chair will make all “mute” except host and speakers. After the talk, session chair will unmute to start discussion. Chat: Audience can input chat during presentation.
Microphone: Use earphone to minimize howling when you turn on the microphone for talk and question.
Session close: After the end of Q&A, session will be closed by host. All participants will be out automatically.
Termination: Meeting room may be terminated and changed if we have Zoom Bombing or big noise.
Copyright and Cloud recording: All presentation will be automatically recorded and its copyright belongs to organizer and authors. It is not allowed for participants to record and use for other purpose unless it is allowed by organizer and author. Last year, there are number of issues related to editing/deleting unwilling records and took long time to upload to conference Web site. If the author do not want recording, it must be informed to Zoom team and there might be a consideration for program allocation to reduce editing works of recorded file.