Financial Support

All participants for AAPPS-DPP 2022 are supposed to have one’s own research fund to participate to the conference. However, we also understand some difficulty for such as researchers in developing countries or retired persons and so on.
AAPPS-DPP allocates limited funds to exempt from paying registration fee for small number of authors who will present their papers at the AAPPS-DPP2022.

Eligibility and Requirements

Candidates for financial support are:
retired speakers, speakers from developing countries,
and speakers with any special difficulties.


  1. Application for financial support : June 1 - July 10
      Send request to with following information.
    1. 1. Name, e-mail, DPP member ID/ not DPP member
    2. 2. Affiliation
    3. 3. Reason: Retired, Developing country(India is not in this category), Special difficulty to pay registration fee
    4. 4. Abstract: Abstract ID or one page pdf
  2. Informal notification : July 20.
  3. Formal notification :   July 31.