AAPPS-DPP2022 as on-line Conference

6th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics 9-14 October , 2022
Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies
What's New
A list of speakers including plenary and invited talks is now available
Deadline for contributed talks is extended to July 15th.
Abstract submission site is at https://www.gakkai-web.net/gakkai/aappsdpp/

Past information
The site for nomination of plenary and invited speakers is https://www.gakkai-web.net/aappsdpp_nm/ is closed.
495 are nominated for AAPPS-DPP2022 and 106 for APPC-15.
Notification of plenary, topical plenary and invited will be sent by July 30.
Abstract submission should be after notification at https://www.gakkai-web.net/gakkai/aappsdpp/.
Contributed abstract submission site is https://www.gakkai-web.net/gakkai/aappsdpp/.
Deadline is June 30.
U40, U30 nominations were closed.