Notes on Poster Session

In AAPPS-DPP2022, we are planning poster session as follows.

  All the posters can be put on the Conference Web site for whole
 conference week, and all participants can see the poster
 as they wish.
 During the Conference, questions can be sent to authors and
 author will reply.
 No needs for Zoom usage and no parallel session.


To Poster Presenter
 Poster should be on a single page in portrait layout.
 The top of the poster should display the following information:
   Name of the conference and Poster ID (at the right corner)
   Title of the Paper
   Name of authors
   email of presenting author.

 Some presentation tips:
• Use a 72-100 point font to make your title stand out.
• Choose a font size in the 24-32 point range for the body text
• Use bulleted lists instead of full paragraphs
• Pick one of these fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, or Georgia
    which are easy to read.
• Limit your fonts to 2-3 colors.
• Do not use background images underneath your text, these
    will conflict visually with the text and make your poster more
    difficult to read.


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